Engineering Firm Uses RFID to Keep Track of Tools, Workers

By Doug

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A global structural and civil-engineering firm has eliminated the need for its construction foremen to manually track the company’s 6,000 pieces of equipment at dozens of European construction sites, and reduced the amount of time needed for its annual inventory check by 50 percent, by adopting an RFID-based solution. The company has approximately 60 active construction sites throughout much of Europe, where its personnel are working at any given time. The firm also provides equipment—including cable drums, excavators and excavator shovels—to those sites, and must monitor when those items are used, inspected, repaired or moved from one location to another, or back to the headquarters. Find out how, in addition to reducing labor time to track equipment, the system is being used by the payroll department to log workers onto and off the site at the beginning and end of each shift.