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RE: Pedofile tracking software

By C. Aldarwish 2012-12-04 06:07:41 AM

I see where you are coming from, but don't completely agree with the idea that RFID is not suited for such a task. It really depends on the size of the places that you are talking about. My company is actually implementing the science fiction at the moment ;D We are rolling out a system of student progress and attendance monitors called Beetrust (www.beestar.co.uk/beetrust). This is made available through active tags in rather large buildings. In this sense, jails or other mid-size locations can be covered.

However, I do agree that for tracking on a city-based level and potentially beyond that, the currently used GPS is probably the best thing.

I think it would be good to know what advantage you think RFID would bring over GPS in this specific use-case. I really like that you are thinking out of the box and working on your own ideas. Cool stuff and exciting field to be looking into!

> Unfortunately, RFID is not suited for such a task, nor is it
> intended to be. You're lucky if you can set up a reader in a
> warehouse that can reliably read all the tags on a pallet
> six feet away from the antenna! Trying to track someone
> around a city using RFID is just science fiction -- not
> possible. However, law enforcement agencies do have ankle
> bracelets that can track people on parole. But again, these
> aren't based on RFID technology. I think you'll get a better
> idea of what RFID is used for if you look at the topics
> listed at the top of this site.
> > Hello, I am a college student very interested in this
> new
> > emerging technology of RFID! I was wondering if there is
> > any work in getting this software into the police force;
> > jails, convicts, and pedofiles. The police could use
> this
> > technology to get real time alerts about the persons
> > whereabouts. Also they could track suspects in real time
> > and take out the chip once they are no longer under
> > investigation. I will float this idea by some local
> police
> > departments but how would I go about starting this very
> > profitable venture? Am I on the right track. I am
> studying
> > technology in school so I will definately research more
> > into this. Anymore ideas on how to get started will be
> > greatly appreciated!

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