Commerce Reports Recognizes Case for Federal Coordination on Internet of Things

By IOT Journal

The report should signal to Congress the need for a national strategy.

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The Center for Data Innovation, a data policy think tank, today welcomed the Department of Commerce’s report, “Fostering the Advancement of the Internet of Things,” which details the Department’s findings from public comments about the role the federal government should play in supporting the Internet of Things. The Center issued the following statement from Director Daniel Castro:

“The Department of Commerce has built a strong case for a proactive and coordinated effort throughout the federal government to support the Internet of Things on a national scale. Because of the unique characteristics of the Internet of Things, including its potential scale and scope, the United States will not be able to capture the full social and economic benefits of the technology without a concerted effort from policymakers throughout government to promote the development of the technology. We hope this report builds further momentum for Congress to move forward with establishing a national strategy for the Internet of Things.”

“The report includes many recommendations for ways the government can grow the Internet of Things, such as by being a leading adopter of the technology and coordinating with the private sector to build partnerships and support private-sector led standards development. Additionally, the report identifies several ways that policymakers can remove barriers to the private sector’s development and deployment of the Internet of Things, such as by creating a predictable and minimalist regulatory environment and fighting international efforts to limit the free flow of data across borders.”

“The report makes a strong argument for substantial government involvement with the Internet of Things and finds that there is widespread agreement on the need for a national strategy to support the technology. We urge Congress to take the lead on a widely supported policy initiative that would substantially strengthen the U.S. economy and its international competitiveness.”

For more, see the Center’s December 2015 report, “Why Countries Need National Strategies for the Internet of Things.”