Class in Session: A List of College-Level RFID Courses

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This article concludes a two-part series on how RFID is taught at colleges and universities. It includes a list of known courses and programs, with a brief profile and contact information.

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This article was originally published by RFID Update.

February 6, 2008—As RFID grows in business, industry, and government, it is also making its way into the higher education system. Schools around the world offer RFID training and education, ranging from single courses to certificate programs to postgraduate research.

RFID Update examined college-based programs to get a sense of what type of education is available and how many schools offer it. The first part of this series, An Overview of RFID Education at the College Level, provides an overview of RFID in higher education and chronicles its growth. This installment provides a listing of current programs, which was compiled through online research and submissions from educators. RFID certification and training programs conducted by associations and professional training companies were not included.

The listing is not comprehensive. It is believed there are many more college-based RFID courses and programs. More than 250 professors have received formal training at the AIDC Technical Institute at the Ohio University AIDC Lab in Athens, Ohio, which focuses on helping professors integrate RFID and other automatic identification technologies into their curricula. Many of these professors have started courses and programs at their own schools, according to Kevin Berbisso of Ohio University, but only a smattering of these offerings are reflected in the listings.

"There has been a lot of interest in RFID in our Technical Institute program, and we've been including more and more RFID in it for the past several years," Berisso told RFID Update. "A lot of professors who came to the Institute are doing classes, and a lot are also doing modules or sections within other classes. Some do workshops where local or regional businesses can come to learn about the technologies."

Known programs are listed below in alphabetical order. This listing will be periodically updated and kept available in the RFID Update online archives. Send submissions for consideration to

Boise State University
Location: Boise, Idaho, USA
Course/program: Graduate certificate, supply chain management
Contact: Dr. Patrick Shannon, professor
Phone: +1 208-426-3786
Students in last session: Not available
Description: This online certificate course allows students to focus their studies on RFID. It is jointly offered by Boise State and the University of Alaska-Anchorage.
International Institute of Information Technology
Location: Pune, India
Course/program: Department of Embedded System Design
Contact: Dr. T. Srikanth, head of the Embedded Systems Design Department
Phone: + 91 020-2293-3441 x247
Students in last session: Not available
Description: The department offers various courses and lab facilities focused on access card technologies, including various active and passive RFID technologies conforming to ISO 14443, ISO 15693 and EPCglobal Gen2 standards.
Michigan State University
Location: East Lansing, Michigan, USA
Course/program: MSU's School of Packaging offers an academic-based course in Automatic Identification and Packaging that covers Auto-ID basics, current trends, and a hands-on RFID laboratory.
Contact: Dr. Robb Clarke
Phone: +1 517-999-7123
Students in last session: 10
Description: A newly opened facility, the MSU Auto-ID Research & Testing Center, focuses on applied research to develop understanding of the interactions between auto-ID systems and product, package, and distribution environment.
Middlesex Community College
Location: Lowell, Massachusetts, USA
Course/program: RFID certificate program, as well as an associate degree in Computer, Software, and Networking Technology with a concentration in RFID
Contact: Robert Bowles, department chairperson, or Carlos Coral-Gomez, program coordinator
Phone: +1 978-656-3020
Students in last session: Not available
Description: Program graduates will be able to install, test, and maintain RFID systems, as well as instruct customers and other users. The program was created in 2006 from a President’s Community Based Job Training Grant from the US Department of Labor.
Monmouth University
Location: West Long Branch, New Jersey, USA
Course/program: Various
Contact: Robert Kelly, professor
Phone: +1 732-263-5778
Students in last session: The last course where RFID was emphasized was a graduate-level software engineering class with nine students.
Description: RFID at Monmouth University includes seminars, courses focused on prototype application development and emerging technology introduction, and partnerships with university organizations to trial RFID applications on campus. Prototype applications are oriented toward the emergency response space.
Tecnológico de Monterrey (Monterrey Tech)
Location: Monterrey, Mexico
Course/program: New -- see below
Contact: Gerardo Barbosa, assistant professor
Phone: +52 81-8358-2000 x5011
Students in last session: 10
Description: The college has more than three dozen campuses and offices throughout Mexico and Latin America, plus distance learning programs. Last semester it conducted a pilot course on RFID with 10 students. The course was considered successful and is being expanded, with plans to offer it throughout the system by the end of this year. The school expects 30 IT and electronics students to take part in the next course.
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Location: Newark, New Jersey, USA
Course/program: Graduate research program
Contact: William Carr, professor
Phone: +1 973-596-5692
Students in last session: 9
Description: Students in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department can work on RFID-related topics as part of their graduate research.
Oakton Community College
Location: Skokie, Illinois, USA
Course/program: RFID 101, RFID 102, RFID 103, RFID 251, MGT 155, MGT 156
Contact: Robert Sompolski, dean of mathematics and technologies
Phone: +1 847-635-1975
Students in last session: Not available
Description: The college has developed an RFID curriculum and certificate program intended to prepare students for managerial and technical positions in the transportation, warehousing and logistics industry. The program was partially funded by a US Department of Labor Workforce Investment Act Initiative grant provided through the Illinois Community College Board.
Ohio University
Location: Athens, Ohio, USA
Course/program: Multiple classes: IT 354 - AIDC technologies; IT 491 - RFID; MIS 400 - RFID in MIS
Contact: Kevin Berisso, director of the Ohio University AIDC Lab
Phone: +1 740-593-1453
Students in last session: 12 (RFID class)
Description: The college of engineering offers a course dedicated to RFID and a class on AIDC technologies that covers RFID in addition to bar code, biometrics and others. RFID software development is also covered in a business school class.
Texas State Technical College
Location: Waco, Texas, USA
Course/program: See below
Contact: Bob Hoheisal, lab director
Phone: +1 254-867-2055
Students in last session: Not available
Description: A new RFID training facility is scheduled to open on campus on February 28, 2008. Texas State Technical College and the Texas Workforce Commission received a $305,000 grant from the US Department of Labor to provide RFID-related training and RFID education and job training opportunities for students and others. Programs can accommodate up to 20 participants at a time.
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Course/program: RFID course
Contact: Dr. Rajit Gadh
Phone: +1 310-267-4979
Students in last session: Not available
Description: The course will introduce state-of-the-art in RFID systems technology with a specific focus on designing and analyzing RFID systems. Hardware and middleware issues will be discussed. Students will work on hands-on projects in RFID using equipment in the RFID Lab. The course is produced by WINMEC (Wireless Internet for Mobile Enterprise Consortium), a UCLA-based collaboration between the school, industry and government. WINMEC offers numerous RFID-related programs at UCLA.
University of Alaska-Anchorage
Location: Anchorage, Alaska, USA
Course/program: Graduate certificate, supply chain management
Contact: Janet Burton or Pat Lee
Phone: +1 907-786-4171 or +1 907-786-4101
Email: or
Students in last session: Not available
Description: This online certificate course allows students to focus their studies on RFID. It is jointly offered by Boise State and the University of Alaska-Anchorage.
University of Arkansas
Location: Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA
Course/program: Various
Contact: Dr. Bill Hardgrave, director
Phone: +1 479-575-6099
Students in last session: Not available
Description: The university covers RFID in a variety of business and engineering courses, with at least 100 students enrolled at any given time. Instruction includes coursework in the university's extensive RFID lab.
University of Kansas
Location: Lawrence, Kansas, plus off-site programs that can be conducted at private facilities
Course/program: RFID Basics: What is RFID and what can it do for you?
Contact: Kevin Curry
Phone: +1 785-864-7861
Students in last session: Not available
Description: Courses focus on helping businesses understand RFID and its potential for improving their processes, including reduced labor and operational costs, better inventory control, fewer shipping errors, improved utilization of fixed assets, and decreased losses due to theft and counterfeiting. The university's continuing education department also offers multiple on-site RFID presentations that companies can host at their own facilities, or take on campus. On-site presentations include: RFID in the Cold Chain: Justifying and Deploying Your Cold Chain Solution; RFID for Intelligent Asset Management; RFID: Deploying Your Item-Level Tracking Solution, and; RFID Implementation: How to Evaluate, Justify and Deploy Your RFID Solution
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Location: Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
Course/program: RFID in Logistics
Contact: Billie Strand, program specialist
Phone: +1 402-472-1625
Students in last session: New course
Description: This 16-week course is available to graduate and undergraduate engineering students, and is also available as a 10-week course in the university's extended education program. The contact information is for the extended education program.
University of Pittsburgh
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Course/program: ECE 1150 - Computer Networks
Contact: Marlin Mickle, director of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Phone: +1 412-624-9682
Students in last session: 35
Description: This class in the engineering department focuses on integrating RFID technology, including passive and battery powered tags, into wired and wireless networks. Pitt also operates an RFID lab for study and testing.
University of Wisconsin
Location: Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Course/program: ISYE 691: RFID, Bar Code and Other Data Capture Systems
Contact: Dr. Raj Veermani
Phone: +1 608-262-0861
Students in last session: 40
Description: This introductory graduate-level course provides an overview of RFID technology and systems and their applications in various industries, and advances in other AIDC technologies. It covers how to develop RFID strategy, the implementation roadmap, and justification. Includes hands-on sessions at the university's 2,250 square foot RFID lab. The course is popular with both engineering and MBA students.