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Grunnarbeid Begins Full-scale Rollout of Tool-Tracking System

After testing the use of EPC Gen 2 passive RFID tags to track tools as they enter and leave containers and vehicles, the central Norwegian construction company is installing the solution across its entire operations.
By Claire Swedberg
TraceTracker software, running on a server hosted by TraceTracker, will interpret RFID data from the Telenor Objects' Shepherd software used by Grunnarbeid. Each tag is encoded with a unique ID number, which is stored—along with the name and description of the particular item to which it is attached—on the TraceTracker Asset server. When an RFID interrogator reads a tool's tag, the Shepherd software stores that tag's ID, along with GPS location data

Each RFID/GPS/cellular device, developed and provided by HRAFN, contains a CAEN RFID reader and an Owasys computer that captures and stores information about the RFID tags being read, as well as the longitude and latitude of the vehicle or container. All of this data is then sent via the cellular link to the TraceTracker Asset server. A device is being attached to each of Grunnarbeid's 88 delivery vehicles, as well as to each of the 50 containers that the company uses at construction sites to house idle equipment.

Every time a tagged tool is removed from a container or vehicle, the interrogator detects that the item's tag is no longer being read. The tool's status change is forwarded to TraceTracker, which then updates that asset's status from "idle" to "in use."

With the full-scale rollout—expected to be completed by late 2012—Grunnarbeid will also provide its warehouse staff with handheld RFID readers, and will then begin the practice of reading the tag on every piece of equipment as it is removed from or returned to the Trondheim warehouse. In this way, the company will be afforded a real-time view into what is available in inventory, as well as what has been removed—and when that removal took place. Based on data obtained from devices attached to the vehicles and containers, the firm will then also know when a particular item left the warehouse, to which construction site it was transported and when it arrived at that location.


HRAFN AS HRAFN 2011-10-01 01:59:40 PM
Any similar usages of RFID in construction anywhere? Please share if YOU know of any similar usages of RFID technology in the construction industry. Would love to have a discussion on RFID in Construction, what is done, where and with what results. -Geir

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