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Why I'm Running for President

This week, I am formally announcing my candidacy for the presidency of the United States. Here is my platform.
By Mark Roberti
4. Upgrade our flagging infrastructure. I would support a bipartisan plan to create a fund to refurbish existing bridges, tunnels and roads, as well as build new ones—with modern technologies for safety and cost efficiencies. Under my plan, bridges would have RFID sensors to inform engineers when corrosion was present, while bridges, tunnels and roads would have RFID readers to measure traffic loads, so that preventive maintenance could be performed. And RFID would be used to monitor construction sites, in order to reduce the incidence of stolen materials, as well as materials for which the government is billed but that are never used.

5. Reduce government waste by using RFID to track goods and ensure accountability. The U.S. government has the largest operating budget of any organization on Earth, but who knows what each agency and department is buying, and who is consuming it? By tracking all of the consumables for each agency, we could streamline the government supply chain, and reduce fraud and waste.

6. Secure the pharmaceutical supply chain. The counterfeiting of pharmaceuticals and the importation of illegal medications is an increasing problem that is robbing drug companies of their research profits, and endangering the public health. I would forge a public-private sector partnership to develop ways in which RFID could be used to reduce counterfeiting and bring efficiencies to the pharmaceutical supply chain.

7. Make American manufacturers competitive once more. By fostering innovative uses of RFID in manufacturing, we could lower the cost of making goods in the United States, and rebuild the American manufacturing base.

8. Transform the American supply chain. The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) has been pioneering the use of active RFID in the supply chain since 1994. And yet, to date, none of the DOD's learnings have been transferred to the private sector. I intend to change that. Just as GPS and Internet technologies were made available to the private sector, the DOD reader infrastructure installed at U.S. ports and abroad would enable private companies to track shipping containers passing through many of the world's ports.


Jerry Horne 2011-06-06 08:49:43 AM
Candidate Roberti Mark - I can honestly say this platform makes the most sense of any I've seen in a long time. Concise. Direct to the point. Valid foundation and a plan to secure the supply chain. You're right about the ROI. As I've often said, if the ROI is within a year, then the project is basically free. There is no cost - just an initial outlay of capital that is quickly repaid. Assuming you can provide a valid US birth certificate, you've got at least one vote! :-) PS - I am interested in your plans for the election night celebration party or is it too early yet.
Patrick Sweeney 2011-06-07 07:41:45 AM
You've got a party now! Mark, You didn't have a party but you do now! ODIN will throw a win/lose/draw party for you complete with smoke, pyrotechnics, Alaskan Salmon, and Boston Baked Beans. Since O'Bama went searching for his lost apostrophe last week in Ireland maybe we can find you a Mc or O for the celebration as well. Long live the Bull Moose Party - Teddy would be proud.
Bob Basmadjian 2011-06-07 01:46:08 PM
Candidate Roberti Mark - common sense solutions to real world problems. How refreshing! Keep me in mind if you need a Communications Director. Bob
Mark Roberti 2011-06-08 09:00:07 AM
Thanks for the support Thank you for supporting my candidacy. This is clearly going to be a grassroots campaign!
John ECKHOUSE 2011-06-09 03:30:59 PM
At last! Finally, a candidate with a great platform so that I don't have to choose among the lesser of two evils in an election.
Syed Sharukh 2011-06-09 03:51:12 PM
The President of the RFID World. Mr.President RFID World. Mark- I believe you are already the President of the RFID world. Please accept my best wishes for your achievements. FDA / Healthcare / Airport Security are the key areas RFID can play the vital role. You've got one more vote! :-) Please keep me in mind if you need a PR- Director. Sharukh
William James 2011-06-09 04:12:23 PM
VP Seeonic Truer words were never spoken. I see a trip to Iowa for the caucus in June and then a swing into New Hampshire for stirring debate on UHF versus HF tags! Mark I think you need a campaign director and I'm humbly volunteering! Let's get you on Jon Steward and Colbert soon so we can get the message far and wide!
Fola Daniel 2011-06-11 01:23:19 AM
Campaign Funding Hi Mark, Since you have no funding for the campaign, my company will share 70% of our huge savings and unexpected astronomical profit being made on monthly basis since we adopted RFID for shoe manufacturing and tracking in Nigeria. Send us a campaign invoice!
Amanda Burns 2012-03-22 07:57:14 AM
How Very Interesting You've got quite a different view from the ones I read/hear from the candidates that are out now. Take a look at www.americanselect.org it could be a helpful tool to get your name out. My biggest concern is always Congress, they aren't fans of getting beneficial things done.

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