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Go Green

An RFID-enabled mobile asset-management system can help increase fuel efficiency and decrease carbon emissions.
By John Greenland Jr.
Offer valuable intelligence on when to upgrade to fuel-efficient vehicles. Data generated from mobile asset-management systems can pinpoint those areas in a fleet that would most benefit from upgrades to such technology as hybrid vehicles. Fleets leveraging hybrid technology have reported saving thousands of dollars per vehicle.

Maintain up-to-the-minute diagnostic status. Mobile asset-management systems can be integrated directly with a vehicle's on-board diagnostics (OBD) electronics system to provide real-time alerts and analysis of diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs). These systems help fleet maintenance managers maintain up-to-the-minute diagnostic status on fleet vehicles, while alerting them when exceptional events are triggered anywhere in the fleet. A well-maintained vehicle performs better on the road, decreases maintenance costs, improves fuel efficiency and reduces carbon emissions.

Provide real-time tire pressure data. Proper tire inflation not only improves gas mileage (saving as much as two weeks' worth of fuel per year) and reduces emissions but also yields several other benefits, including improved vehicle and braking performance, as well as an increase in tire life. Wireless tire sensor technology can be integrated into today's mobile asset-management systems, providing real-time tire pressure data to fleet managers.

Optimize routes and scheduling. Truly integrated mobile asset-management systems can provide GIS and schedule feedback data that can be fed back into routing and scheduling software systems, dramatically improving the performance of these systems. This routing optimization can add significant accuracy to existing map data from the major map data providers. Such intelligence has tremendous benefits for customer service. With a fully integrated operations and mobile asset-management solution, fleet operators can see, in real time, when an RFID-tagged package has left the warehouse and been loaded onto a truck and delivered. They can also be provided with accurate delivery times based on stops, routes and travel speeds.
As illustrated by the above list, advanced mobile asset-management technology can help an organization get its arms around its fleet vehicles and extract valuable information regarding vehicle performance, driver performance, expense information and so forth. This advanced technology can improve cost management (via gas-card integration) and enable drivers and operators to optimize routes, helping to eliminate thousands of unnecessary miles per week. Less time on the road ultimately translates into less wear and tear on vehicles, improved fuel consumption, reduced emissions, decreased expenditures and increased productivity.

Careful analysis of performance data also enables customers to make informed decisions regarding vehicle selection for future purchases. An increasing number of organizations are coming to the conclusion that investment in mobile asset-management solutions pays off not just in reduced fuel consumption and costs, but also in moving toward carbon neutrality and other environmental considerations.

John Greenland Jr. is the director of systems and product integration at Telargo. Through a comprehensive suite of Web-based tools designed to track, monitor and manage mobile assets (vehicles, workforce, equipment and cargo), Telargo enables customers to optimize their resources, maximize productivity and minimize expenditures. Telargo's solutions empower business owners to implement best practices for advanced fleet and workforce management.

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