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RFID Makes a Splash at Water Park

An RFID locating system gives parents visiting Dolly's Splash Country piece of mind, because kids are always tracked. It also gives the park the opportunity to increase revenues by adding services, like cashless payments.
One new module turns the wristband into a cashless payment system. Since the passive RFID tag can store information, guests will be able to store, say, $20 on the RFID tag. The money is charged to the guest's credit card. The advantage is that guests can keep their wallets or purses in a locker, walk up to a concession stand and get a drink simply by waving their wristband near a point-of-sale terminal. The money is deducted from the amount stored on the chip.

The module will go into beta testing next month and should be ready for parks to use by the end of May. "The parks like the concept because they believe that, with the ease of spending, people will spend more," says Regan Kelly, SafeTzone's executive VP and chief administrative office. "The feedback we're getting from the parks is that they expect to see an 8 to 20 percent increase in per capita spending with the use of a device of this sort."
The system reunites parents and their kids

It's something Dolly's Splash Country is certainly interested in taking a closer look at. "We think that is really a neat thing for a water park," says Scherer. "Obviously, no one is carrying around a billfold or a purse. We're very intrigued with the idea that people will be able to go to the SafeTzone booth and put money on the band so they can get a soft drink or meal."

SafeTzone is also introducing a line-management module for parks that have rides that attract large crowds and long lines. Guests will be able to reserve a time on any ride in the park that's on the system at any location station at any time of the day. The system is rules-based, so parks can set it up so that if you book a ride on the roller coaster at 3 PM, you can get on as long as you show up at a special line between, say, 2:45 and 3:15 PM. A reader at the line scans the wristband and confirms to staff that this person is authorized to be on the special line.

There are two key benefits for the park. One is that people spend less time on line and therefore have a more enjoyable day, which means they are more likely to come back. Another benefit is that if people are spending less time on line, they are spending more time in the park spending money.


jonathan Young 2015-08-26 05:15:11 AM
It is nice to crate water park

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