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COVID-19 May Be Pushing Sales for GPS Locating Service

Zocal Messenger's Live Location Sharing feature allows individuals to set up temporary groups so that they can keep an eye on each other as they go about their daily routine or travel to other cities.
By Claire Swedberg
Mar 20, 2020

Five months after Zocal Messenger released its location messaging app for Android- and iOS-based devices, the company has launched a new Live Location Sharing feature. Zocal Messenger reports that it has experienced a sales lift of 600 percent within the past two weeks.

That, says company founder Anish Godha, may be because Live Location Sharing offers a level of security in uncertain times by helping family members and friends to track each other's whereabouts. The app makes it possible to uniquely locate any participating individual on your friends list, Godha says, by leveraging the phone's GPS data, and users can set up temporary circles of friends who can view their locations in real time.

Smartphones already come with location services. The Apple iPhone, for instance, has a Find My Friends system by which users can share data with family members or others in order to view their locations. Zocal is designed, however, to use the phone's GPS functionality but enable tracking on either Android or iOS systems, and to make the process more user-customizable. For instance, the Zocal app enables individuals to share their whereabouts to specific parties, depending on their location or travels.

Not only have sales been heavy during the past two weeks, Godha says, but the feedback he has received from users is that the app can provide some security during the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, he adds, Godha and his wife use the app to share where they are located and when they are there, in case they fail to return when expected or end up in an area that is a hotspot for the virus. Users can download the app, after which the system will display a map of the world with dots indicating in which cities their friends also using the system can be found.

Users can link the app to their contacts, and it will display any friends in the area who also use the system. In addition, it will allow people to send a link to friends who are not using the system. Those friends can then opt in to view the user's location and share their own. Individuals can set up specific groups consisting of those with whom they wish to share information. The Live Location Sharing feature offers a layer of security and peace of mind, Godha says. "People are in a mode of uncertainty," he states, "so that extra security of being able to say 'Hey, Mom and Dad, I'm going out' and sharing that location is really attractive."

The system includes a city-level service by which users can indicate only to friends and contacts in the same area that they are in a particular city. That can be customized and changed at any time. The second level allows users to share their live location specific to a much more granular area within a neighborhood.

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