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The 'How's My Driving?' Sticker Isn't Working

How the Internet of Things curbs distracted driving for fleets.
By Michael Burdiek
Sep 15, 2019

Safety is a core responsibility of which fleet operators must be mindful, yet there is room for much more improvement with current approaches. The problem is that many believe the technology developed to help alleviate fleet safety risks is difficult to use and costly. Amidst sophisticated sensor technology, location tracking, fleet-management software and other advances in the Internet of Things (IoT), many companies still rely on basic practices to mitigate bad driving behavior.

We're talking about the "How's My Driving?" sticker, a decades-old solution that isn't cutting it for fleets of any size. In fact, there are a variety of cost-effective IoT solutions that can help you tackle poor driving behaviors, such as speeding and distracted driving. Let's consider how IoT devices and applications can help fleet managers tackle deadly driving behaviors and deliver better business value.

Pair With the Right ELD
The first step toward safer fleets is throwing out the outdated tools and habits that aren't working. From stickers to paper records, we all know that these outdated methods are more prone to human error and inundated with mistakes. Installing any old electronic logging device (ELD) won't cut it, either.

The perfect ELD match should integrate seamlessly with your current day-to-day activities. Choose an ELD that is easy to install and rugged enough to withstand a harsh in-cab environment. ELDs with few connections are best, as they minimize potential points of failure. Features such as a touch-screen display, wireless connectivity and integration with your current hours of service application are also ideal.

Support Your Crew
An ELD can be used not only as a tool to efficiently log hours in the trucking industry, but also to inspire safe habits. Sophisticated fleet-management applications and cloud analytics, combined with onboard ELDs and real-time diagnostics, can help you tackle common yet potentially deadly habits, such as cell phone usage, texting, speeding, harsh braking, risky lane changes and more. It enables fleet managers to coach on safe driving behaviors and implement a road-safety program with campaigns that give incentives for safe driving. Engaging your crew in these positive and meaningful ways can only net favorable outcomes for your fleet operations.

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