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What to Consider Before Implementing an Indoor Positioning System

What are some key performance indicators that must be taken into account?
By Flora Kawohl
Tags: RTLS

Beyond Technical
This section debates metrics that may be difficult to quantify but have a direct impact on the overall platform utility, success and return on investment of the IPS.

• Existing Infrastructure: The IPS ought to make use of the existing infrastructure. It opportunistically leverages inputs from multiple technologies, such as common consumer standards like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), but also solutions based on mobile network signals, magnetic fields and data from various embedded sensors within the smartphone. Areas with spotty coverage can be augmented with the radio technology that makes the most sense, including Wi-Fi and/or BLE beacons.

• Sustainable Solution: If operators do not want to concern themselves with the reliability of the solution after initial deployment, a managed service solution with zero IT overhead is the best choice for the fast-paced venues nowadays. For example, this should encompass periodic site surveys in order to ensure best-in-class accuracy with an accurate and stable blue dot over time—even long after initial system deployment.

• User Experience: A mobile app with an indoor wayfinding solution is based on a user-friendly, interactive map. Features such as multi-language support and turn-by-turn instructions with natural language (e.g. "Turn right at the shop XY") enhance indoor navigation experience. Furthermore, automatic map rotation allows users to view the map that is adjusted with his rotation.

• Data Ownership: As awareness arises regarding data ownership, venue operators should take the responsibility for all users and select a solution by which they own all collected data and can determine how it is used.

• Monetization: Some providers offer location-based advertising and notifications by leveraging geo-fencing in order to monetize the IPS solution. With proximity detection, a notification is issued when a user's device reaches a predefined area. Venue operators and other stakeholders are enabled to set up campaigns for personalized, targeted marketing, which is a new revenue opportunity.

• Feature Richness: With tracking solutions, operators have access to valuable location data. They can accurately define the whereabouts of both assets and personnel, as well as the duration and paths traversed in a particular area. In addition, indoor tracking allows operators to ensure utilization, and to prevent the misplacement of luxurious or critical tools or the wasting of time and resources looking for them. Above that, features such as Family & Friends Finder, Car Finder, Automated Attendance, Location-based Gaming and more are also available for higher engagement of end users.

Flora Kawohl is the product analyst at PenguinIN. She and her team focus on state-of-the-art trends and technologies in the indoor positioning and navigation market. They scrutinize how to leverage the impact of the Location of Things (LoT) to enhance overall indoor experiences and operational efficiency. Flora also advocates the R&D team regarding UX/UI. PenguinIN, with its headquarters in Irvine, offers indoor positioning system applications for various industries (e.g. health care, education, hospitality, transportation and entertainment). With its managed service, the company supports enterprises with digitally transforming their indoor venues into smarter buildings. Flora is open to discussions about the applications and impact of the LoT. For more information, contact her on LinkedIn or at f.kawohl@penguinin.com.

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