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Smart Security Vehicles Leverage IoT to Capture and Share Data

With Internet of Things sensors and connectivity from MetTel, Brosnan Risk Consultants is monitoring the conditions in and around its security trucks, then sharing that data with customers to provide greater visibility into work being done by each of thousands of officers throughout the United States.
By Claire Swedberg

"Were able to connect into other sensors on the truck," Crandell says, "and pull that information back to their command center." That could include detecting sounds around that vehicle, or sudden impacts, as well as monitor conditions related to the truck's operation, such as its engine temperature. The sensor data can identify if a driver is accelerating or braking suddenly, or if it is driving at a high speed, as well as if the truck experiences an impact.

This data can not only be viewed in real time, but also be stored and managed for the purpose of historical analytics. For instance, the system can identify if a security officer is not following an expected route through his or her rounds for a customer. It can also detect if the pattern is becoming too predictable (which could offer an opportunity for bad actors to learn that pattern and thereby elude security officers when committing a crime).

Ryan Crandell
By saving video footage in and around every vehicle, the company thus has records that can be reviewed at a later date if an incident is reported. "Some of the key data points we are now able to collect," Brosnan reports, "are GPS location data, idling alerts triggered after X minutes and idling minutes per officer's shift." Additionally, the system provides the company with alerts that can be triggered if a driver leaves a property for which he or she is responsible, along with data indicating the amount of time that person remained off the premises.

Not only can Brosnan Risk Consultants use the collected data to improve its fleet oversight, but it can also share the information with its customers. "All of these data points are plugged into our internal and client-facing dashboards," Brosnan states, "to gain deeper insights into the duties our security officer is completing on shift and the overall security and safety of the client location."

Later this year, the MetTel solution will begin leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) technology to provide insight into what takes place in and around each vehicle, based on sensor data. For instance, the system could understand if a driver appeared to be falling asleep or was smoking a cigarette inside the vehicle—which is prohibited—based on camera data. The system could then trigger an alert to the driver via the app, as well as to management in the software or via text or e-mail, thereby correcting the behavior.

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