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Sensormatic Releases SaaS Loss-Prevention and Inventory-Management System

The company's RFID- and BLE-based TrueVUE solution is designed to offer a low cost of entry for retailers looking to use RFID to track stock and capture shrinkage data in order to improve inventory accuracy.
By Claire Swedberg

That kind of feature, Brown says, "offers an incredible up-sell capability. But you don't get to that if you don't have accuracy in the sales floor or back room." For instance, if a shopper were seeking a smaller size of a blouse he or she was trying on, the inventory data would need to be accurate to indicate that another item was available, and to help the sales associate locate that item. The technology can also allow sales personnel to better manage which merchandise is on display, and to identify if a specific size or color needs to be moved from the back room. The Geiger counter feature allows users of the handheld reader to quickly locate a specific item.

TrueVUE also includes analytics showing how products are being sold, when they need to be replenished and which goods have been lost to shrinkage. "Those two worlds are colliding more and more," Brown says. "Loss prevention and inventory management are no longer two unique environments."

A third piece of the solution involves capturing data regarding the movements of shoppers. With ShopperTrak, the TrueVUE platform can use BLE or another technology to identify customers' movements past specific displays, as well as determine whether they stop, and for how long, or if they simply keep walking. This enables retailers to collect a deeper level of analytics, Brown says, allowing them to ascertain not only which products are on hand but also which are of interest to shoppers.

Since the SaaS version of TrueVUE was released, several retailers have deployed the solution at multiple stores as early adopters. Some of Sensormatic's customers are already capturing data regarding traffic, inventory levels and loss prevention as part of a SaaS service. Those companies have asked to remain unnamed.

The deployment of the SaaS version of TrueVUE is prompted by the growing adoption rate of RFID for item-level tracking, Brown says. "We're away from the early adopters into an early majority of retailers who are ready to really invest in this," he states. The latest version of TrueVUE, he predicts, "should allow us to execute with a lot more retailers and speed up that process. They no longer have to wait months to get data back." The technology is moving beyond retailer applications, he adds, with other companies investigating the technology's deployment for tracking goods or assets. "The use cases are starting to grow."

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