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The Future of Robots in the Home

Where do we stand, where are we headed and what potential hurdles will the industry face in the coming years?
By Andre Gwilliam

A Spanner in the Works?
While the idea of robots being a future everyday home essential seems inevitable rather than speculative, there are a few question marks remaining against when that will happen—or, in some cases, if it will happen at all.

One primary concern is the expense of such technology, particularly with non-essential robotics coming through that fall more into the category of novelty than practical devices. Naturally, new innovations cost significantly more in their infancy, and there is definitely a "value for money" question hanging over the current robotics market.

How useful are today's devices? Does the service they provide give enough bang for its buck? Furthermore, how quickly will a newly purchased device become outdated? The exponential nature of growth in the industry means such questions are, for at the least the time being, valid ones that may hamper widespread commercial interest.

Another significant issue is the trust factor. Again, it's only natural to be wary of things with which we're unfamiliar, and the idea of a home robot influx may sit a little uncomfortably with some. Child safety and hacking risk are just two areas of potential worry, and even if some trust issues are borne simply out of watching too much science fiction, the industry must overcome them—no matter how justified they may be. If homeowners are to assume another level of home insurance protection and security on top of standard cover, how complex will this project become?

With all that being said, time is very much a healer, and most would think that the robotics industry can overcome most of these issues relatively quickly. As time goes on, the technology will become better understood, easier to produce and generally more familiar in the commercial market. That means prices will fall and trust issues will subside as home robotics become standard issue.

Thus, the future is looking bright for the industry.

Andre Gwilliam is a freelance writer working toward a future aim of running his own writers company. He writes across a variety of subjects that are close to the heart of the U.K. economy, including property, investments, business logistics and market trends. He has been writing for the past three years, having graduated with a degree in English literature and creative writing. Andre is open to collaborations to benefit his growing portfolio.

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