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Forward Vision Marketing's 2018 Marketing Technology Survey

B2B tech companies need to experiment more with digital marketing so they can gather enough data to analyze and better understand their target audience.
By Kelly Stark
Jun 26, 2018

Digital marketing has grown by leaps and bounds throughout the last five years or so, thanks to the rise of programmatic, machine learning and mobile advertising. Modern digital marketing allows you to customize your message and reach in real time. Given that technology is at the forefront of driving innovation in online marketing, the common assumption is technology companies would be better at it than the rest. However, nothing could be farther from the truth.

At Forward Vision Marketing, we reached out to B2B technology companies to understand how they go about marketing their products and their biggest marketing pain points. Half of the responses we received are from live interviews we conducted at RFID Journal LIVE! 2018 and MRO Americas 2018. The other half are responses we received via email, social media and other online channels. Here is what we found out.

Most Still Rely on Trade Shows to Reach Their Audience
Most of the companies surveyed said they don't have enough confidence in SEO, webinars, online advertising and other digital marketing activities. They weren't sure if investing in digital marketing will lead to better results. Furthermore, most companies had little experience in creating content for digital marketing purposes. In fact, most B2B technology companies still take the traditional approach of trade shows and press releases to get the word out.

Our take: Not a lot of B2B tech companies are investing in digital marketing, which means the competition in the space is low. Thus, it makes even more sense for B2B companies to focus more on digital marketing initiatives, in order to gain competitive advantage.

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