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IoT Cuts Water Use, Boosts Yield for Asparagus Farm

Devine Organics saw its harvest yield almost double, even while reducing water consumption by 6 percent, based on data from a WaterBit LoRa-based system that leverages AT&T Controls' LTE network.
By Claire Swedberg

The number of sensors needed varies according to the fields being monitored. In open areas, two sensors can be sufficient to cover 40 acres, but if farmers require more granular information about soil moisture content in very small zones, they could use as many as 21 sensors for a single acre. The WaterBit system comes with an automatic link to the irrigation system, allowing the sprinklers to start and stop according to sensor data. Devine, however, has been using the solution to view soil moisture, and then, based on personal analysis, to remotely control the irrigation valve using WaterBit's remote valve controllers.

AT&T also offers the LTE-M network, which enables battery-powered sensors to have life spans of up to 10 years, says Mobeen Khan, the company's IoT strategy and product-management executive. The use of LTE-M, he explains, allows sensor modules to be less complex and, therefore, lower in cost. In addition to enabling lower-cost deployments and longer battery life for the sensors, he says, LTE-M can penetrate barriers such as concrete walls with 10 to 12 inches more distance. During the past few years, the firm has also been offering end-to-end solutions for agriculture, as well as for customers in all sectors that need a customized solution.

The AT&T Controls Center platform enables companies like WaterBit to program settings and alerts based on an end user's particular needs, such as turning sensors on and off depending on the season or time of day. The solution has also enabled geofences to detect when a sensor moves from one location to another, and to issue an alert accordingly.

Since launching its IoT network and solutions, AT&T reports 41 million connected devices. In the future, Devine says, the WaterBit and AT&T Controls system can be used to automate its own irrigation valves, and can be customized to the watering schedules required throughout a crop's lifetime. For instance, she says, at some times of the year, the harvest goes dormant and requires very little water, while 30 days before harvesting, the soil's water content needs to be increased. She notes that customer requirements add further complexities. For instance, some retailers purchase asparagus at different sizes than others, and the farm must carefully monitor how the crop is watered, as well as when it is harvested, in order to meet those needs.

In addition to increasing yields and reducing water consumption, Devine says, the system has reduced greenhouse gas emissions from fuel use by 5 percent, since workers no longer need to drive the fields as often to check the soil manually. This has led to a 5 percent drop in labor costs—and because of a reduction in leaching from over-watering, the company has been able to decrease the amount of nutrients used in the soil.

With the technology, Devine says "I haven't had any problems, just benefits." She reports that the asparagus yields the farm experienced with the WaterBit system in place were the highest it has had to date. "We did great this year," she says. Devine Organics will next deploy the system for its pistachio and almond crops in California—which span more than 75 acres in total—as well as 2,000 hectares of asparagus fields in Mexico. Devine says she expects the system to reduce water consumption both in California and in Mexico.

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