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IoT Security from the Ground Up

How to safeguard your network in the age of the Internet of Things.
By Chris Francosky

Do you know when a security breach has occurred on your network or IoT device? If so, how soon will you be notified? Even the strongest preventive security systems aren't foolproof. Statistically, every organization will likely experience a security breach of some degree, regardless of precautions. The key is shrinking potential damage to its least liability. Early detection of an event allows for a quicker response, thus reducing the risk of malicious use.

When a breach occurs, time is of the essence. As soon as something goes wrong, you should know about it—every minute that passes can be costly. Make sure that back-end applications have the ability to log abnormalities. Partnering with an IoT network operator that provides alerting tools for fraud detection and prevention can give you more rapid insight into potential problems. Your internal teams should also monitor data logs and create automatic alerts for signs of compromise for an extra layer of security.

In Conclusion
The Internet of Things continues to blur the lines between our physical and digital worlds, in which everything is connected and has the potential to transmit sensitive data. And while the IoT is becoming a necessary capability for businesses to remain competitive, the security risks are real. Follow the guidelines described above and you will be in a better place to mitigate potential breaches.

Chris Francosky is KORE's VP of network engineering and IT operations. With more than 20 years of information technology industry experience, Chris has overseen dozens of large-scale wireless and mobile technology projects. Prior to leading the IT Operations group at KORE, Chris served as the VP of technology at RacoWireless, a leading provider of wireless products and services focusing on the machine-to-machine (M2M) industry. He has an extensive background in cybersecurity, IoT application design and high-availability SaaS/PaaS architecture.

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