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Levi's Tests RFID Use Successfully

A number of factors, including greater efficiency in the repositioning of goods for sale, led the company to sell 56 percent more apparel this year on Black Friday than in 2016.
By Edson Perin

At Levi's stores, labeled products are displayed in the sales area. Once ready to make a purchase, a customer proceeds to a cashier's counter, where the entire sales process will be performed by the iTag Monitor integrated with Levi's ERP system.

To prevent products from being stolen, iTtag's Anti-Theft 2.0 software validates items at the moment of billing, by recording the invoice numbers of all items purchased. If an item has not been invoiced and the invoice is not recorded, the software will send an alert to a store manager's tablet, via iTag Alert, in the event that a customer attempts to leave the store with an unpurchased product.

iTag's Sérgio Gambim
In order for Levi's to assist its clients in controlling inventory, every product code is sent to Levi's EPCIS solution at the time of billing. Levi's auditor, which owns a Zebra 8500 RFID reader linked to the Android iTag Alert application and synchronized with the EPCIS data, will be able to view merchandise displayed in the sales and inventory areas.

For product checkout, Identix rPad UHF RFID desktops are used, which have integrated circular-polarized antennas, thereby reducing the cost of hardware acquisition and facilitating deployment. Cost and design make rPad an affordable device for the retail trade, the company reports, particularly in the fashion and footwear segments. "When used at retail outlets," says Maurício Strasburg, Identix's CEO, "rPad allows you to read multiple items at high speed safely, quickly and efficiently, with reduced checkout time."

For Gambim, the realization of this project represents a special achievement. "It is a great pride for us to be with Levi's in an RFID project," he states. "After all, this is the company that has dominated the market since it created the first jeans in 1853, when Levi Strauss (a native of Bavaria) moved to San Francisco during the era of the gold rush, to open a fabric store."

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