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UWB Technology Proves Mythological for Icelandic Museum

Snorrastofa Reykholt is providing guests with a system from Locatify that identifies their exact locations in the museum within 20 centimeters and feeds them information based on that data.
By Claire Swedberg

The system also works with beacons from most BLE manufacturers. Locatify leverages GPS data for applications such as tour bus audio guides, for which location data need not be precise, so that tour companies can provide information about the area through which a particular bus is travelling, or a specific attraction near which the vehicle passes.

In some cases, however, neither GPS nor beacons provide location information that is sufficiently specific for potential users, explains Sam Liddell, Locatify's business-development manager. So this year, it released its UWB system, for which Snorrastofa is the first potential customer. The museum installed the Locatify solution, including GPS data to provide location-specific content outdoors, as well as UWB technology indoors where an app user's location needs to be identified very specifically.

A screenshot from a product demo for a TV show at Snorrastofa (where the show was filmed)
The museum, which spans approximately 1,250 square meters (13,455 square feet), installed five UWB receivers to cover a 218-square-meter (2,346-square-foot) area, which Locatify calls anchors. Locatify developed the anchors, and a third-party provider is manufacturing them according to the company's specifications.

When museum guests arrive, each is provided with a lanyard or wristband version of a Locatify locator tag. The tag transmits its unique ID number at the 6 to 9 GHz UWB frequency, and multiple anchors within its vicinity capture the tag transmissions and forward that data to Locatify's real-time locating system (RTLS) software, which then identifies the tag's location within about 20 centimeters (7.9 inches).

UWB locator tags

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