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Retailers, Hospitals Trialing or Deploying End-to-End RFID Solution

PervasID's Ranger Series includes specialized readers for dock doors, overhead wide-area reading, point of sale and security, along with software to manage read data.
By Claire Swedberg

PervasID was established in 2011, after its founders developed an RFID reader that employs a DAS solution consisting of an array of antennas that capture data IDs within the reader's zone (see UK Startup Company Launches 'Wide-Area' EPC RFID Prototype System). The DAS technology enables a reader to interrogate tags throughout a space across wide beams with nearly a 100 percent read rate.

The Ranger Series improves on existing RFID systems for retailers in several ways, Sabesan claims. Due to its effective read rate and longer range, he says, it can be installed with fewer readers in a given deployment. That results in a lower installation cost. He adds that a PervasID DAS reader can interrogate tags at a distance of up to 20 meters (65.6 feet), while traditional phased-array readers more commonly average a 10-meter (32.8-foot) read range. Location accuracy is 1 to 2 meters (3.3 to 6.6 feet), which is similar to the phased-array reader.

The company gains a single solution from a single supplier, and can opt for a modular approach that uses the types of RFID readers required for its use case. Sabesan says both retail and health-care companies have been piloting full versions of the solution, as well as, in some cases, only in portions of their enterprise (such as at the point of sale or for inventory management only).

In the case of health care, Sabesan reports, the Ranger Series provides a solution for tracking equipment. For instance, a company can use the Space Ranger for near-real-time tracking of goods within a storage are or other specific space, and portal readers in other areas in which the firm simply wants to detect the locations of products within a zone.

PervasID provides the necessary software to manage Ranger Series data. In the case of inventory management, the company partners with software vendors to build a system capable of accommodating a client's existing inventory-management system.

According to Sabesan, one customer—which has asked to remain unnamed—was particularly impressed with the Space Ranger, and indicated to PervasID that "This is not just another overhead reader; instead, that customer says it is the only reader that meets the challenges facing modern retailing."

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