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Ocean ETA Provides Visibility to Location of Vessels and Cargo Contained Within

Savi's new satellite- and cellular-based system for tracking goods from land to sea offers companies access to location and condition data regarding goods traveling across oceans.
By Claire Swedberg

Savi customers can employ either of two types of Savi tracking devices, Efird says: Savi Locate Sensor and Savi Secure. The Savi Locate Sensor is a battery-powered sensor that can be attached to a container. It sends a signal via cellular connection at preset intervals, using GPS location data to indicate its location.

Once a container moves out of range of the cellular network, such as when it crosses an ocean, the device transmits its own unique identifier and GPS location via a satellite connection. Users—for instance, the shipper, the products' owner or the port—can then be given access to the Multi-Enterprise Grid and view where that container is located. In the case of the port, managers can more accurately forecast the container's arrival and thus schedule the necessary unloading equipment and manpower.

The device also comes with shock, vibration and motion sensors. This enables it to detect any changes in the conditions around a container or cargo, thereby alerting interested parties if there might be a problem, such as potential damage.

The Savi Secure device comes with two parts: a larger battery-powered sensor with integrated GPS, cellular and satellite units, and a child device that transmits its own unique ID number to a parent via a UHF RFID signal. Savi designs and manufactures the hardware.

When using the Savi Secure device, a company can attach a unique identifying child sensor on each crate or pallet of goods being loaded into a container, so that it or an approved third party can then view not only a particular container's location, but also what is inside it and the status of those items. Therefore, if a pallet of goods was not loaded when expected, or if it was removed during shipping, an alert would be triggered, allowing companies to adjust their plans accordingly.

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