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Smart Cooler Helps Companies Sell More

Embraco has created an Internet of Things-based platform to help customers market more drinks and food at the point of sale.
By Edson Perin

"For the development of technology," Moraes says, "Embraco has sought global partners who have a culture of innovation close to ours and the same focus on developing innovative solutions for customers." He cites partnerships with Amazon Web Services for the cloud, as well as with CI&T, which participated in the development of digital interfaces and solutions. "Within this technology topology, we do not have solutions with tags or readers. Other sensors and technologies are used to deliver the value expected by customers."

The platform ensures consumers that their beer is at the proper temperature, that their ice cream is at the right consistency or that their juice is fresh at any time of the day. For brands of such products, it means an increase in sales potential, greater energy efficiency and a reduction in operating costs of up to 15 percent. The platform can manage this not only in a single refrigerator, but in tens, hundreds or thousands of installed units.

The solution brings metrics previously offered only by electronic commerce, such as understanding consumers' interest (or lack thereof) in products on display. The service is intended to enable brands to better understand consumers and, thus, to make faster and more strategic decisions that can result in increased sales and reduced losses. "In line with Embraco's sustainability strategy," Moraes explains, "diili not only enables better preservation of beverages and food, but also has the potential to reduce the energy consumption of refrigerators, by enabling refrigeration adjustment more appropriate to the type of cargo stored and the characteristics of the point of sale."

Diili can pinpoint a specific refrigerator's location and alert users to a lack of products, or to equipment failures or the need for preventive maintenance. In addition, it can reveal consumer behavior at the point of sale, allowing for a more complete analysis of the performance of products on display, and thereby bringing metrics to the real world.

The intelligence generated enables brands to better understand consumers and help them make strategic decisions to increase sales and reduce maintenance costs by up to 10 percent. In addition, in line with Embraco's sustainability strategy, the idea is to reduce the energy consumption of a refrigerator by 15 percent, thus allowing the most appropriate refrigeration specifications for the type of stored goods, as well as the operational characteristics at the point of sale.

"The dynamic of the commercial refrigeration chain is not changed," Moraes sates. "The diili system emerges to help maintain this dynamic, so that it occurs more efficiently and with benefits for all links in the chain." The main focus is on brands of beverages and foods that require the commercial refrigeration system to conserve or boost sales of their products. However, there are value propositions for other participants in the commercial refrigeration chain, such as equipment manufacturers.

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