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Bauarte Invests in Visibility, Customer Experience

For receipt, sale and transfer, all merchandise at the Brazilian company has been tagged with RFID, providing control and traceability of inventory counts.
By Edson Perin

"We chose iTag to be our RFID supplier, because from the first moment, with tests and surveys, until the implementation of the project, the company was always present in the processes," says Paulo Ferreira Gonçalves, Bauarte's director. "Bauarte met iTag through representatives. We knew the technology provided by the company and the reading and printing software, so we decided to do the first tests at the headquarters store."

Deploying RFID was a positive experience for the company, Gonçalves reports. "We make it easier for our employees to work," he says, "because now, instead of product to product, they can read dozens within seconds. We have confidence in the processes carried out, because we count on the traceability of the items. The challenge [regarding the implementation] was to reduce the processes, because they took hours. Today, they take only minutes."

Tags are inserted into all products, including accessories.
The RFID process at Bauarte works in the following way, according to Gonçalves: "We first carry out the purchase order or receive the goods by transfer. Items arrive at our headquarters, where we carry out order confirmation and generate RFID tags." Products are labeled based on this confirmation.

Once tagged and checked, items are stored in stock, where they await the store's replacement request or a transfer request from another location. "In the sales area," Gonçalves says, "the customer chooses his merchandise and goes to the RFID portal, where he checks the items before proceeding to the box."

Prior to the RFID system's deployment, the merchandise was received manually, then was moved to the stock area. This process was one of the most error-prone, Gonçalves notes, because in some cases, merchandise was not checked. Bar-code scanning, unattended and slow, displeased shoppers. Transfers were also performed manually, and were subject to errors.

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