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Quuppa's Beacon-based RTLS Sees Adoption by Health Care and Retail

The company's real-time locating system uses Bluetooth-beacon tags and receivers with integrated antennas to track personnel and assets, determining location within a few centimeters.
By Claire Swedberg

Quuppa offers two Locator models: the LD-6L and the LD-7L. The LD-6L is intended primarily for small to midsize indoor spaces—that is, for mounting on ceilings less than 12 meters (39 feet) in height—such as hospitals, offices, retail stores and malls. The LD-7L is designed for higher accuracy and long distances, for use in stadiums, sports arenas, airports, logistic hubs and any other large spaces. Its weatherproof construction allows it to be deployed outdoors.

The Locator measures the angle at which the Bluetooth transmission is received, after which the Quuppa QPE software running on the server uses that data to pinpoint the location of an HAIP tag within a few centimeters as it moves around a store or other indoor area. The software can do a variety of things with this location data, such as identify where carts or baskets are located, as well as how long they remain in certain areas. "We provide the technology platform that we sell to integrators," Belloni says.

The LD-6L Locator, a Bluetooth beacon reader with an integrated antenna, is designed for small to midsize indoor spaces, where ceilings are less than 12 meters in height.
"Quuppa provides the dot on the map," Belloni states, adding that the integrator's own software can use this information in many ways. A retailer may want behavior analytics, for instance—knowing how customers are moving and where they stop. "It can also be real-time navigation or location-based advertising. In addition, the same system can be simultaneously used for access control or other security solutions, or for inventory management. The possibilities are unlimited."

Those integrators include not only General Sensing and ThinkINside, but also HockeyTech, a Canadian hockey technology company. Quuppa has 27 value-added resellers across several countries.

Jonathan Gips, General Sensing's CEO
ThinkINside first installed the technology as part of RetailerIN a year ago at an Italian grocery store. At that 2,500-square-meter (26,900-square-foot) site, the installation consisted of 25 Locators installed in a ceiling about 4.5 meters (14.8 feet) high. The Locators' height affects the quantity of devices required, Carreras explains. Since a Locator's coverage area spreads downward in a cone shape, the higher the device is installed, the wider its coverage area is on the floor level. The store has attached approximately 300 HAIP tags to baskets and carts.

Each HAIP tag transmits its unique ID number. As the cart or basket moves around the store, the location data is collected and interpreted by the Quuppa Locators and QPE software, and is managed by RetailerIN software operating in the cloud. The software is then made available to the retailer for a subscription fee.


Neha Mallik 2015-11-23 02:04:04 PM
Very informative post. It is true that beacon based systems today are being used across diverse domains from retail to healthcare. While beacons enable seamless and efficient solutions, the real value of iBeacon technology is the data that it helps gather. For example, in the retail sector, beacons help gather valuable data around important metrics like store footfalls, in-store heat maps and dwell times. You can read about key metrics that can be tracked with beacons in the following blog - http://blog.beaconstac.com/2015/05/beacon-analytics-in-retail-4-essential-metrics-for-retailers/
Zhixiang Di 2017-06-02 06:25:16 AM
I am very interested about the products(QWPPA model LD-6L),please feel free to send me the contact information to my email box 22010749@qq.com

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