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Bereket Doner Tracks Its Meat Products Via RFID

The Turkish company is using EPC Gen 2 RFID technology to track goods as they are loaded onto pallets and weighed prior to shipping, while also ensuring against theft by reading tags passing through doorways.
By Claire Swedberg
In the event that any of the RFID numbers do not match the products that should be included in the order, or if any items are discovered to be missing, the AIMS software triggers an alert that appears on a PC screen at the reader site. The employee can then view and address that loading error. In addition, the software knows what the approximate weight for the loaded pallet should be, based on the products ordered, and displays an alert if the weight diverges from that expectation.

If any individuals pass through one of the plant's seven exits with a box of meat, or a pallet loaded with meat not yet read at the scale, the system issues an alert to management so the situation can be addressed before that person has left the premises. The company has set up Motorola XR400 readers to capture the ID numbers of tags passing through the exit doors.

Before Bereket Döner adopted the RFID system, RES reports, it took between three and 30 minutes for the staff to weigh a loaded pallet and capture shipping data prior to sending a loaded pallet to a customer. With RFID, the firm reports, it takes almost no time at all. To date, the technology is being used only for morning shifts, while the company is still training employees to utilize the technology during the evening shifts. The company has used approximately 450,000 tags in one year.

According to Can, the tags operate well even after withstanding the extreme temperatures necessary to freeze the meat—though at -40 degrees, they are more difficult to read. This does not create problems for Bereket Döner, however, since the tags are only read after being removed from the second, warmer freezer. Bereket Döner did not respond to requests for comments regarding this story.

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