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Pilots of CSL's Battery-Assisted Passive UHF RFID Card Underway

Several dozen sites, including a large U.S. retailer and a private school in India, are testing the company's tag, which offers a read range of up to 80 feet without obstructions, and about 15 feet when attached to a person's body.
By Claire Swedberg
The card is intended for such uses as personnel monitoring, time and attendance tracking, remote identification of workers within hazardous environments, employee mustering, event monitoring, sports timing, and automatic recognition by a store utilizing loyalty cards.

In the case of a U.S. retailer, the cards are being employed at multiple stores as employee IDs, to track whether workers are in the facility, as well as in which section they are located. Integrated CS203 readers are installed in the ceiling about 15 feet high, creating read zones approximately 12 feet in diameter. This retailer, Garrett says, prides itself on its customer service. So by tracking its staff's movements, it can obtain data indicating whether employees tend to cluster within the appropriate areas, such as in a part of the store in which a hot new product is being sold. The retailer has asked not to be named, however, or to have the details of the installation described. The company, Garrett says, plans to decide at the end of the first quarter of 2013 whether to install the system at all of its stores.

In another case, an Indian private grammar school is using the BAP ID Card to track its students. For this deployment, Garrett explains, readers were installed in ceilings, and the school tracks in which areas of the facility students are located. In the future, the school hopes to install a reader in every classroom, in order to identify, in real time, which students are in which rooms.

Another use case that interests some businesses is a BAP ID loyalty card for stores. A customer could apply for the card, and have a unique ID number linked to his or her identity in the retailer's software. Upon entering the store, the shopper could be greeted by name, or be provided with discounts specific to his or her shopping habits. In addition, Garrett says, a theme park is piloting the cards for a loyalty use case, to identify when a major donor to the park enters the property, and to then provide the appropriate VIP service to that individual.


Reader 2012-12-26 12:35:05 PM
The BAP ID Card The BAP ID Card is quite an interesting innovation from CSL. Interrogate, transmit and sleep is attractive and makes me anxiously wait for the report of the accelerated battery-life testing which will ascertain its endurance level and applicability. More so, improving the read ranger with the eye to covering larger facilities will make it a commanding flagship.

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