Alien Technology Considering Dayton, Ohio

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The Dayton Business Journal reports that RFID tag-maker Alien Technology is considering the area as a location for an "applied research facility."

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This article was originally published by RFID Update.

October 25, 2004—The Dayton Business Journal of Dayton, Ohio, reports that one of the RFID industry's most high-profile players, 130-employee tag-maker Alien Technology, is considering the area as the location for an applied research facility that would create up to 100 jobs over the coming five years. Exactly what "applied research facility" means remains unclear, but a source speculated that the company is looking to set up an RFID tag manufacturing plant. This seems likely given Alien's recent announcement that it is "sold out" of the Class 1 RFID tags required by many suppliers rushing to comply with retailer mandates.

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