A New Source of News

By Mark Roberti

June 1 marks the official launch of RFID Journal, the only source of timely, objective RFID news on the Web.

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May 11, 2002 - RFID Journal aims to be the most up-to-date, comprehensive and objective source of information about radio frequency identification available anywhere. Since our soft launch on March 1, we've gotten a lot of positive feedback from both those who sell RFID technology and those looking to buy it. We're encouraged.

In on June 1, the Journal will become a subscription site. Subscribers will be given access to all areas of the site. The general public will have access to some areas, such as links to other resources on the Web. We are also launching an electronic newsletter. Those who subscribe to the Journal will automatically receive the weekly e-mail with the latest RFID news, new case studies, and links to relevant RFID stories published by other journals.

No online magazine takes the decision to charge subscribers lightly. But in the current ad recession, which is affecting the Web more than other media, we feel we have no choice. Although the Journal is an ideal place to advertise because you are guaranteed to reach your target audience, we have done the math and don't believe we can survive as a free, advertising supported site. The only way to fulfill our mission is to charge a subscription fee for the information with gather and disseminate, in addition to soliciting advertising.

I firmly believe the RFID industry needs a source of timely, objective news. And I believe companies looking to invest in RFID technologies need a place where they can get unbiased information, without the hype. We've only just begun to ramp up our coverage and our in-depth case studies. With your support, I believe RFID Journal will become an indispensable resource for the RFID Industry.

Mark Roberti is the Editor of RFID Journal