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  • Impinj Secures $19m to Pursue Item-Level RFID

    Semiconductor and RFID hardware manufacturer Impinj announced yesterday that it had raised $19 million in a private funding round, bringing total venture and strategic investment in the seven-year-old company to $98 million. The company will use the funds to pursue opportunities in item-level tagging.

  • RFID Heads for the End Zone

    By Claire Swedberg

    Testing of the technology at the Super Bowl showed promise for tracking video equipment.

  • Ultra-Wideband RFID Tracks Nuclear Power Plant Workers

    By Jill Gambon

    Radiation measurements, combined with real-time location information, enable managers to track workers and assess safety based on radiation exposure.

  • Imation Announces RFID Solution for Tracking Data Tapes

    By Mary Catherine O'Connor

    The data media company says its DataGuard rf system will make data tapes easier to track, both within storage facilities and as they travel between sites.

  • RFID Reader Vendors Rally Around Intel's New Chip

    RFID reader companies Alien, CAEN, and ThingMagic made a point yesterday to announce their planned integration of Intel's new Gen2 reader chip into their reader products. That chip, the R1000, was itself announced yesterday by Intel, and is expected to herald the introduction of cheaper and smaller Gen2 RFID reader technology.

  • Retailers Test RFID Smart Tables

    By Claire Swedberg

    Two stores are using the tables, which have built-in UHF EPC RFID interrogators, to display marked-down products and track their movements.

  • Two U.S. Bills Might Lead to RFID Mandates

    By Beth Bacheldor

    If they pass into law, the proposed legislation could result in RFID-tagging requirements for drugs sold via the Internet and for all tobacco products.

  • Intel Announces Gen2 RFID Reader Chip

    Intel today announced the release of a fully integrated Gen2 RFID reader chip, the R1000. The new chip, which is slated for volume production within weeks, may represent a major technological milestone for RFID as it preciptates a dramatic reduction in the cost and form factor of reader technology.

  • DHL Demos RFID-Enabled Delivery Van

    By Claire Swedberg

    The prototype is designed to show how RFID could provide a way for customers, contractors and DHL to track both the movement of vans and the location of packages.

  • Belgium Hospital Combines RFID, Sensors to Monitor Heart Patients

    By Beth Bacheldor

    University Hospital of Ghent is implementing a system that detects when a patient is having cardiac distress and sends caregivers an alert indicating the patient's location.

  • Providence Health Center Calls Its RFID System an 'Eye-Opener'

    By Beth Bacheldor

    The software has already helped the hospital uncover inefficient processes and better understand its staffing, patient and room needs.

  • Intel Announces UHF Reader Radio Chip

    By Mary Catherine O'Connor

    Intel has shrunk many of an interrogator's critical components onto a single chip, which manufacturers can use to make more compact, power-efficient readers. Other chipmakers are also making reader chips.

  • Wall Street Journal Assesses RFID Risks and Rewards

    The Wall Street Journal has published another story about RFID adoption. Appearing in Saturday's edition, the full-page piece is likely to be perceived as more balanced than the damning , which ran a few weeks ago and elicited major pushback from the RFID industry.

  • Dow Corning Adds RFID to Production

    By Beth Bacheldor

    By attaching tags to containers used in the production of lubricants, adhesives and other products, the company hopes to gain more visibility for its work-in-process.

  • Hyundai RFID-enabling Its Supply Chain

    By Beth Bacheldor

    The automaker's logistics affiliate will use EPC Gen 2 tags to track parts shipped to a factory in Montgomery, Ala.

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