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  • The Renaissance of RFID Among Retailers

    By Randy Dunn

    Top retailers are tagging billions of items, and a ChainLink Research study finds that those capitalizing on RFID are realizing a sizeable operational, financial and customer-satisfaction advantage.

  • Add a User Interface to UHF RFID Tags

    By József Bánlaki, Miklós Hoffmann and Tibor Juhász

    Making a simple amendment to the EPC Gen 2 standard will allay privacy concerns, give consumers the ability to control tag behavior and enable new applications.

  • Will RFID Kill EAS?

    By Bill Hardgrave

    Both technologies can perform effectively to thwart theft in retail stores, but one can enable additional benefits.

  • Full Steam Ahead for UHF RFID in Europe

    By Thomas Weber

    RF spectrum policy makers have reached a big milestone in the goal of expanding UHF RFID to the 915 to 921 MHz band, with the creation of a new roadmap that paves the way for a major upgrade.

  • Gen2v2 Ensures Tags Are Authentic

    By Ken Traub

    Counterfeiters will no longer be able to clone or spoof UHF RFID tags.

  • Street Smarts

    By Kevin Ashton

    Cities that don't embrace the Internet of Things will be left behind.

  • Why Targeted Advertising Should Be Part of Your Marketing Plan

    By Sonja Valenta

    With targeted advertising, your product will be prominently featured where potential buyers are searching for the specific solutions you offer.

  • Monitoring the Fresh Food Supply Chain

    By Antonio Rizzi

    RFID-tracking pallets and cases of perishable goods can enable retailers to reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

  • How to Deploy EPCIS

    By Ken Traub

    Design the data, then set up your software.

  • Retail's Trilogy

    By Bill Hardgrave

    A single RFID infrastructure can—and should—enable inventory, asset and identity management.

  • Marketing RFID Products on a Limited Budget

    By Sonja Valenta

    There are many ways in which RFID solution providers can increase their visibility and grow their business without breaking the bank.

  • Making More Sense

    By Kevin Ashton

    We must present all the data we collect in a meaningful way.

  • How to Create Realistic Marketing Goals in the RFID Market

    By Sonja Valenta

    Goals need to be well-defined and include specific, measurable numbers that can be realistically attained over a period of time.

  • EPCIS for Internal Projects

    By Ken Traub

    The standard for sharing information can maximize the value of your RFID hardware investment.

  • Retail 3.0

    By Bill Hardgrave

    RFID enables the trend toward consumer-driven showroom shopping.

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