APR 15-17
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RFID Journal LIVE! 2015 to Feature Eight Preconference Seminars

New topics in this year's program include RFID-enabled smart products and experiential marketing with RFID.

Energy Case Studies

RFID Helps Fuel an Oil Boom

Bantrel deployed a material-tracking solution to locate 70,000 parts during the construction of a multibillion-dollar tar-sands project in northern Canada.

Energy Features

RFID in Energy, Mining and Construction 2014 Report

This month, RFID Journal held its first conference and exhibition for the energy sector. View the presentations from the event.

Energy Editor's Notes

The Energy Sector Embraces RFID

Companies that produce, refine and deliver energy products are beginning to get serious about using RFID to improve their operations.

Energy Expert Views

When Does Tracking Workers Make Sense?

The right system can provide safety, privacy and security, and serve the interests of both a company and its employees.

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    Energy White Papers

    • ARG-US RFID for Monitoring and Tracking Nuclear Materials: The Operating Experience
      Published January 2014
      Under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Energy's Packaging Certification Program, Argonne National Laboratory has developed a monitoring and tracking system for nuclear materials based on radio frequency identification technology. The system, called ARG-US, has been in field-testing and deployments at selected DOE sites since 2010. This paper, written by Brian Craig, John Lee, Hanchung Tsai, Yung Liu and Jim Shuler, describes the operating experience of ARG-US at three sites—the Savannah River Site, the Nevada National Security Site and Oak Ridge National Laboratory—in both storage and off-site transportation applications. (12 pages)
      Tags: Energy
    • Comprehensive Nuclear Material Surveillance With a Radiation Detector-Equipped ARG-US RFID System
      Published January 2014
      The tracking of sensitive nuclear materials can be achieved with RFID technology, significantly improving operational efficiency at nuclear and radiological facilities. This document, from Argonne National Laboratory and the U.S. Department of Energy, explains how the ARG-US system—designed for use in managing sensitive nuclear and radioactive materials—utilizes sensor tags to continuously monitor the health of nuclear materials' packaging, triggering alarms when necessary to authorized users via a secured local network or the Internet. In conjunction with in-vehicle cellular and satellite communication packages and GPS receivers, the ARG-US platform can also monitor and track assets in transit. (12 pages)
      Tags: Energy
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