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  • Jan
    Thoughts From NRF's Big Show
    Posted By Mark Roberti, 01.13.2011
    Based on the products on display at the conference, it seems retailers are focused on making shopping easier—even from your phone.
  • Jan
    Navy AIT Program Seeks RFID Support
    Posted By Mark Roberti, 01.10.2011
    Contracts are for one year, with four one-year option periods.


  • Dec
    A Visit From (RFID-Savvy) Saint Nick
    Posted By Mark Roberti, 12.29.2010
    Motorola RFID's John Rommel has penned a poem for everyone in the RFID industry.
  • Dec
    Connecticut Better Business Bureau Warns Consumers About Credit-Card Skimming
    Posted By Mark Roberti, 12.20.2010
    The organization claims RFID can be used to steal credit-card data, but no consumers have ever reported being ripped off in this manner.
  • Dec
    ODIN Makes a Move With Reva Acquisition
    Posted By Mark Roberti, 12.17.2010
    The systems-integration and software company is clearly positioning itself to become a major player as the RFID market enters a period of more rapid growth.
  • Dec
    RFID Protects Casino Against Theft
    Posted By Mark Roberti, 12.15.2010
    A thief stole $1.5 million worth of chips from the Bellagio Resort & Casino, in Las Vegas—but got away with nothing, thanks to radio frequency identification.
  • Dec
    New Director Named for the University of Texas in Arlington's Auto-ID Lab
    Posted By Mark Roberti, 12.06.2010
    Erick Jones, a leading researcher in the area of auto-identification technologies, will focus on the development of innovative solutions for health care, manufacturing and transportation.
  • Nov
    How Do You Value Information?
    Posted By Mark Roberti, 11.17.2010
    Understanding the relationship between price, value and competition.
  • Nov
    Maximizing Exhibitor ROI at RFID Journal LIVE! 2011
    Posted By Mark Roberti, 11.16.2010
    RFID Journal will host a free seminar sharing tips on how vendors can get more out of their participation in the world's largest RFID convention and exhibition—and will also announce a special contest in which exhibitors can win valuable marketing exposure.
  • Nov
    RFID Could Reduce Return Fraud—a $14 Billion Problem
    Posted By Mark Roberti, 11.09.2010
    A study conducted by the National Retail Federation found that fraudulent returns will cost retailers nearly $3.7 billion this holiday season. RFID could help lower that number, adding to a company's ROI.
  • Nov
    Seeking Judges for the RFID Journal Awards
    Posted By Mark Roberti, 11.08.2010
    RFID Journal is looking for several new judges from the academic community who can evaluate submissions objectively for the 2011 RFID Journal Awards.
  • Oct
    Hong Kong RFID Awards 2010 Announced
    Posted By Mark Roberti, 10.20.2010
    The awards will be presented on Nov. 5 at the 10th GS1 Hong Kong Supply Chain Management Excellence Summit.
  • Oct
    Some Positive Coverage of RFID
    Posted By Mark Roberti, 10.19.2010
    Two recent news stories praise RFID for helping to reduce medical errors, and one article highlights the technology's role in food safety.
  • Sep
    More Musings on Moore
    Posted By Mark Roberti, 09.23.2010
    What does the "whole product" look like, and who are the "gorillas" that can provide it?
  • Sep
    More Free Advice for RFID Vendors
    Posted By Mark Roberti, 09.22.2010
    What to do if you are a startup and don't have the resources to become an RFID gorilla.
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