Soracom Partnerships Foster Internet of Things Deployments

By Rich Handley

The company has teamed up with AI Dynamics and ThingsMatrix to offer machine-learning and asset-monitoring solutions.

Soracom, a provider of Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity solutions, has announced partnerships with both AI Dynamics and ThingsMatrix, intended to expand its machine-learning (ML) and asset-monitoring solutions portfolio. Both companies have joined Soracom's Partner Space IoT ecosystem.

According to its website, Soracom offers solutions designed to help users build, operate and scale IoT deployments. Founded in 2015, it currently serves more than 20,000 startups, small to medium businesses, and enterprises in multiple industries. These sectors include agriculture, energy, construction, transportation, consumer electronics, manufacturing, real estate and healthcare.

Partnership with AI Dynamics

AI Dynamics offers low-code solutions with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities for organizations of various sizes. Its latest partnership with Soracom follows a prior collaboration in Japan, where AI Dynamics provided pre-built AI and ML algorithm libraries for use with Soracom's reference edge-computing camera. These libraries allow businesses to apply AI edge capabilities for such use cases as inventory management, industrial process optimization, parking lot capacity tracking and license plate recognition, among others.

The company's AI development and management platform, known as NeoPulse, allows companies to create and implement neural networks and other machine-learning models to improve key performance metrics. The platform helps engineers build deep-learning models faster than using off-the-shelf libraries, Soracom reports, while automatically handling dataset management, model tracking, deployment and monitoring. This joint solution, according to the company, will offer end users a plug-and-play AI edge camera with an AI and ML algorithm, and with no custom code required.

"Running artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms at the edge is a crucial capability for IoT, but very few customers have the tools today to develop ML systems, train models and deploy, manage, or maintain AI edge devices," said Kenta Yasukawa, Soracom's cofounder and CTO, in a prepared statement. "Combining AI Dynamics' strong algorithm libraries and ML expertise with Soracom's connectivity and edge device management platform lets IoT innovators offload undifferentiated heavy lifting and focus on bringing new products and services to market quickly and operating efficiently at scale."

Rajeev Dutt, AI Dynamics' founder and CEO, added, "Our founding belief remains that everyone should have access to the undisputed power of AI. We are extremely pleased with the ongoing partnered work happening in Japan, and we're looking forward to offering the fruits of that labor to all Soracom customers and Partner Space members."

Partnership with ThingsMatrix

ThingsMatrix offers a cloud-based platform for IoT developments, which comprises three components: device, platform and cellular connectivity. Its off-the-shelf and customizable solutions are intended to simplify asset tracking, improve operations and reduce costs by remotely managing multiple devices and locations in a unified dashboard. The platform's configurable and programmable architecture provides the functionality to securely collect, process, analyze and visualize IoT data in real time.

"ThingsMatrix's versatile turnkey device solutions and service platform paired with Soracom's reliable and advanced IoT capabilities is a major step forward for total asset management," said Tom Burton, the company's president of global sales, in a separate statement. "This collaboration means that industrial enterprises will now have the ability to solve complex issues with an all-in-one IoT solution that offers greater efficiency and seamless connectivity."

Nicolas Lesconnec, Soracom's senior partnership manager, added, "Soracom is committed to democratizing the technologies that help IoT innovators accelerate speed to market and ensure success at scale. In collaborating with ThingsMatrix, we are able to offer a proven portfolio of solutions to our customers and ecosystem partners looking to improve their asset monitoring capabilities."

Image: ThingsMatrix