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The World's Most Targeted RFID Marketing Tool

RFID Journal understands that you want to maximize the return on your marketing dollars. The best way to do that is to get your message in front of those who have indicated that they're interested in your products or services.

Our readers are the most highly qualified buyers and influencers of purchasing decisions in the world. Now, for as little as $2,500 for an entire year, you can target your advertising to segments of our audience with a level of precision not possible anywhere else. You control who views your marketing message by targeting your ad to specific segments of our highly qualified audience based on any—or a combination—of the following criteria:

• Industry
• Country or U.S. state
• Keywords or phrases in articles
• Day of the week
Reader frequency

Targeted marketing means you'll never spend money advertising to those not interested in your solution. This is the most powerful, cost-effective marketing tool for RFID companies.

Take advantage of the most powerful marketing tool available! For more information send email to sales@rfidjournal.com, or call (212) 584-9400.

Watch a short video to see how it works.


Targeting Is Effective
If you are selling an IT asset tracking solution, it clearly makes sense to target ads a people researching how to track IT assets. But with our technology, you also target by industry or location, if you focus on serving one industry or one country or geographic region.

Advertising doesn't get any more precise or efficient than this. It's inexpensive and effective because you are reaching people who have indicated, by selecting a specific story to read, that they interested in the solutions you offer.

Build Targeted Brand Awareness
Sometimes, you want to build brand awareness, but you don't have the resources or the business required to do it across all vertical segments. You might want to build brand awareness with executives in the apparel, chemical or energy industry, for instance, but not with those in automotive and aerospace. RFID Journal has the largest global RFID audience with thousands of readers in each industry, and we now have the most cost-effective way to reach specific audience segments.

With our new, sophisticated ad-serving technology, you can advertise to executives in specific industry segments by showing your ads only on certain sections of our site. For example, we can show your ads next to articles about using RFID in manufacturing or retail, or in the auto industry.

Additional Targeting Options

Targeting by location: Ads can be targeted by country or U.S. state for optimal geo-targeting. Need to reach customers in California, Germany, Korea or India? No problem—we can target any country in the world.

Targeting by user frequency:: Ads can be served to a particular user a set number of times per week or month, to ensure you do not burn impressions hitting the same recipient too many times. You can increase the efficiency of your advertising by controlling how often your message is viewed by repeat visitors.

Targeting by day or time: Ads can be targeted by particular days of the week or particular hours of the day, so that you can ensure you get your message in front of prospects at optimal times regardless of the region of the world your prospects are in.

This is the most powerful marketing tool available to cost-conscious marketers. To learn more about how you can microcast your ads to the most qualified buyers in the RFID universe, send email to sales@rfidjournal.com, or call (212) 584-9400.

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