To Win RFID Talent, Be Creative

By Shel Myeroff

The growth in RFID is creating a shortage of RFID professionals, but you can use inventive hiring strategies to beef up your workforce.

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Events such as RFID World and RFID Journal LIVE! once again confirm that RFID is a hotbed of activity and a driving force for the industry. In fact, the anticipated growth of this technology is staggering. According to a recent market forecast by IDTechEX, the value of the total RFID tag market, including systems and services, will explode from $1.95 billion in 2005 to $26.9 billion in 2015.

The emerging applications of RFID are now generating demand for professionals. Many industry leaders are seeking employees with RFID experience to harness productivity benefits and competitive advantages made possible by RFID. While there is talent available, the pool of next-generation RFID talent is low. Training and educating employees in this technology will be one of the biggest challenges facing RFID.

Countless articles have already been written about the shortage of RFID professionals and training programs, but few have suggested ways to beef up current RFID manpower. Companies can win the RFID talent war by using creative hiring strategies. Consider the following:

Try Plug and Play. There are strong RFID professionals who have been working with this technology for decades. Granted, many have worked in different capacities such as passive and active tags used for work-in-process, but by harnessing their experience, you may discover they can quickly adapt to new-generation applications.

Hire the “All-Around Athlete.” Many professionals in IT, supply chain, AIDC and related fields are refocusing their energies toward RFID. In the recruiting world, these types of professionals are referred to as “all-around athletes.” They spend time preparing for a new game. They recognize that structures are fluid and jobs change constantly. They’re up for the challenge. They possess a strong desire to learn, remain flexible and bring a wide range of experiences and expertise. The all-around athlete is usually a sure bet.

Consider the Superstar. The top performers in any industry stand out. You know who they are. Approach top performers who sell other types of leading-edge technology for well-known and respected companies. Assess their skill sets and career goals against your requirements. See if you have a possible match for a crossover into RFID. Superstars will have the ability to wrap their arms around RFID very quickly.

Go Global. The workforce has gone global and there are large pools of educated workers in North America, Europe and Asia. These people will be drawn to excellent opportunities in the RFID industry.

Contact Human Capital Resource Specialists. Reputable search firms have highly effective methods and ample resources for locating and landing high-caliber candidates. However, make sure RFID is one of their specialty areas.

To meet the ever-increasing demand for the new generation of RFID talent, a high value must be placed on professionals who can translate their previous experiences and skill sets to emerging RFID applications. Their industry contacts, knowledge, expertise and insights can be leveraged by RFID employers. Companies that adopt these creative hiring solutions and recognize that talent can cross over will gain the competitive advantage.

Shel Myeroff (216-464-5570 x103; is president of Direct Recruiters, a human capital resource specialist focusing on sales, sales management, marketing and technical support for the RFID, supply chain, AIDC, mobile enterprise, identification labels, packaging and material handling industries.