RFID Companies Recognized for Technology Innovation

Verayo and ClearCount were runners-up for this year's Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Awards.
Published: September 21, 2009

Each year, the Wall Street Journal gives out its Technology Innovation Awards. This year, it recognized two RFID companies.

In the semiconductor category, Verayo was named a runner-up for its “unclonable” silicon chip, which can be used in anti-counterfeiting efforts, as well as for secure identification and access (see Verayo, Bartronics Unveil Unclonable Solution for Indian ID Market). And in the medical devices category, ClearCount Medical Solutions was chosen for its RFID system that detects and counts surgical sponges, providing clinicians with an automated way to reconcile sponge counts (see Surgical Sponges Get Smart and RFID-enabled Surgical Sponges a Step Closer to OR).

For a full list of award winners, click here.

I often complain that the mainstream press isn’t interested in RFID unless there is some negative angle, such as a big retailer not being in as many stores as it had originally planned, or someone claiming they’ve “hacked” an RFID tag. So it’s nice to see these two firms being recognized for their innovations. I hope more journalists focus on the great things happening in the RFID industry, and the solutions being devised to reduce drug counterfeiting, protect the food chain, save the environment and much more.

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