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GIGA-TMS will launch series new products to meet the popular applications in the market.


PWD100 is a UHF reader designed for any inventory and item location management. It allows user to search and trace the specific tags within seconds.

EP110 is 13.56Mhz RFID device features of RFID card, Smart chip card reading, OLED screen for message displaying, Keypad for data input and NFC communication and also available to built in with a Wifi module to meet wide coverage applications like cashless payment, Students in/out control, car rental…

AUR700 & TL10
The is a portable Ultra High Frequency RFID Reader which compliant with ISO18000-6C EPC Gen 2
C1& 960Mhz. TL10 is re-usable data logger to record the temperature change. These two are perfect device for Cold Chain monitoring, logistic management or any other UHF related applications like logistics.