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Apple Enters the AI Market

Apple Intelligence is being promoted as combining “the power of generative models with personal context” The I-Phone maker…

News June 11
AI Brook Taverner Colin Seward Grydd JADAK's ThingMagic M7E-Hecto Microsoft RFID RFiD Discovery SparkFun
RFID Roundup

Microsoft, RFID Discovery, Grydd, SparkFun: RFID News Roundup

New RFID technology Being Used by Brook Taverner RFID Discovery has implemented its conveyor belt portal solution at…

News May 16
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RFID Roundup

SML, Microsoft, Penguin Location Services, ZulaFly, Rehrig Pacific, QTek Design: RFID News Roundup

SML to Demo Clarity at Microsoft Headquarters RFID company SML RFID was selected to showcase its Clarity RFID solution at…

News May 2
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FTC Begins Inquiry into Artificial Intelligence

The federal agency issued orders to five companies— Amazon, Google and Microsoft, Anthropic and OpenAI. The Federal Trade…

News January 26