RFID News Roundup

Published: August 31, 2023

Controltek will increase manufacturing capabilities; Nordic Semiconductor releases its nRF54 Series; Texas school district launches RFID system for school buses; Wialon aims for IoT innovation in Indonesia.

Controltek will Increase Manufacturing Capabilities

Technology company Controltek – which offers tamper evident packaging, asset protection, and RFID inventory and asset tracking solutions – is expanding its capacity for manufacturing and specialty flexible packaging at its facility in Livermore, CA. The company says it will be able to better serve its domestic clients, while also further innovating its flexible packaging solutions.

The larger facility will include new automation equipment to both improve capacity and quality of its products and also reduce order turnaround times. The company will build additional space for warehousing, as well as inventory management processes. Controltek’s expansion will ensure that it can remain competitively priced, while also meeting quality expectations, the company reports.

Controltek makes tamper-evident, security packaging for retail RFID solutions, as well as electronic article surveillance (EAS).

Nordic Semiconductor Releases its nRF54H Series for IoT

Wireless connectivity firm Nordic Semiconductor has introduced a new System on Chip (SoC), which is known as the nRF54H20 and is part of its nRF54H Series. It is a compact ultra-low power SoC with higher processing power and offers improved memory and efficiency for IoT solutions using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). In fact, the new SoC offers a multi-protocol radio with a unique combination of features, integrated into a compact chip to enable developers to build new IoT products.

Because the new SoC offers a smaller size, developers can replace multiple components with the single, integrated SoC requiring minimal external components. Using the chip use will also prolong battery life or reduce battery size for components, Nordic reports, with efficient processing, ultra-low power radio, and minimal sleep currents.

The new technology provides long transmission range for BLE and protects against security threats. What’s more, thew new SoC offers state-of-the-art security, the company says, with secure boot, firmware update, storage, and protection against physical attacks.

Texas School District Launches RFID System for School Buses

The Katy Independent School District has rolled out an RFID system to manage data on students who travel on its buses across the district. The system monitors ridership by capturing RFID-based data about each student as he or she is picked up and dropped off by a school bus. With the solution, students carry a smart tag ID card with a built-in RFID tag encoded with a unique ID. That ID is encrypted to ensure student ridership is accurately tracked while individual information is secure, the school district reports.

With the solution, the school district intends to offer parents and transportation personnel details related to passenger ridership and bus routes. Parents can access data about their own child through the smart tag parent web portal.

The school district has already implemented security technology for school buses, including GPS and camera security systems. The installation of the RFID system took place this summer, and the system goes live on the first day of school.

Wialon Aims for IoT Innovation in Indonesia

Fleet management platform company Wialon is partnering with Phoenix Soluis Indonesia, a telematics service provider, to contribute IoT innovation in Indonesia. Wialon, led by software developer Gurtam, provides connectivity to IoT devices, including vehicles. The company recently held a Wialon Partner event in Indonesia to provide new challenges and experiences for partners in the Asia Pacific area.

From August 21 to 27, 15 Wialon partners met along with executives from Honduras, Netherlands, Spain, and the US as part of an effort to cultivate global team spirit.

Gurtam has a goal of empowering Indonesia with cutting edge IoT products to help boost the nation’s tourism potential. As part of this effort, Phoenix Solusi Indonesia will provide telematics services to further enable IoT network expansion.