Cumulocity Partners With NTT Communications Corp. to Offer IoT Solutions in Japan

By IOT Journal

The partnership leverages NTT Com's global network, cloud and data centers with Cumulocity's Internet of Things application-enablement platform.

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Cumulocity, the leading Internet of Things (IoT) software platform provider, has entered a partnership with NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com), the information and communication technology (ICT) solutions and international communications business within NTT to deliver IoT solutions in Japan.

The partnership leverages NTT Com’s global network, cloud and data centres with Cumulocity’s advanced IoT application enablement platform. The combined offering enables NTT Com’s customers to benefit from: rapid machine, sensor and device integration and data collection; real-time analytics for condition monitoring, predictive maintenance and supply chain automation; comprehensive device management and remote control; vertical application configurable real-time dashboards; and enterprise IT integration micro-services. Both companies will consider further development towards NTT Com’s 140 global data centres.

The Japan IoT market has been growing rapidly in recent year due to an increasing amount of collaboration between operations, dramatic development of technology, improvements in standardisation and a supportive eco-system. Analysts predict that the IoT revolution will create an explosive growth of semiconductor chips used to improve the efficiencies of various industries. Japan, as one of the region’s largest manufacturers, is first in line to leverage the two-sided benefits.

NTT Com is the leading global provider of ICT solutions within NTT Group which ranks in the top 100 of the Fortune Global 500. NTT Group has over 10,000 clients globally, generates $100 billion annual revenue and invests $2.5 billion in R&D led by 6,000 researchers. As a global organisation NTT Com has subsidiaries and offices in over 120 cities, networks in 196 countries and over 140 data centres. In August 2015 NTT Com announced the establishment of its IoT office, to help customers raise their profitability and expand their business through leveraging a combination of one-stop shop application platforms, affordable global network connectivity and global data centres.

The NTT Com IoT offering will be expanded with the Cumulocity IoT Application Enablement Platform. The partnership allows NTT Com to benefit from the continuous evolution of Cumulocity’s leading IoT platform and focus on local market requirements through the development of customer plug-ins, vertical applications, complementary IT system integration and local operations and support. In addition, Cumulocity customers will be able to create IoT solutions in Japan and APAC that leverage NTT Com’s award-winning cloud and network infrastructure services.

“With all organisations in all economies digitising, there is a need to connect the once remote operational assets to internal business processes to improve service levels, reduce costs, increase revenues and operate with new business models. IoT is key to this, and NTT Com’s global, reliable and secure connectivity, data centres and application platforms are essential to IoT. NTT Com envisions customer’s digital transformation is achieved by its “SDx+M”(Software Defined Everything + Management) solution that provides flexible and reliable ICT environment. We are delighted to partner with Cumulocity to enable this SDx+M concept to expand to the IoT business space as well, allowing our customers to exploit the full potential of IoT rapidly, reliably and profitably.” – Atsuko Oka, Vice President, Head of IoT Office, Corporate Planning, NTT Com

“NTT Com has a massive global reach and considerable connectivity, storage and processing assets which are all essential enablers for all organisations as they move along their digitisation journey. In NTT Com, we have found a very strong strategic partner extremely well placed to exploit the substantial opportunities for IoT in the Japanese and global market.” – Bernd Gross, CEO, Cumulocity