How Did Lululemon Deploy RFID and Barcodes?


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Ask The ExpertsCategory: QuestionsHow Did Lululemon Deploy RFID and Barcodes?
mat johnson asked 3 years ago

I'm doing a case study on Lululemon's RFID implementation and am curious to know how barcodes interact with its RFID technology. Or have the barcodes been taken off altogether?


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Lululemon, like most retailers, continues to use bar codes alongside its RFID system. Each barcode identifies a particular product and its manufacturer. The RFID transponder contains this information as well, but a unique serial number is appended to the barcode to identify each specific instance of that item. This means RFID can be used to quickly take inventory counts, though barcodes can be utilized at the point of sale, or if the RFID transponder on an item no longer works.

Mark Robert
Founder and Editor
RFID Journal


Leri replied 3 years ago

Here’s an example, we use this together in our systems. We removed the old anti-theft system and implemented a new anti-theft system including inventory and sales. We use excellent RFID tag stickers including barcode.
like here:

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