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Each month, RFID Journal receives numerous white paper submissions from outside experts. We read each paper carefully and select the most informative articles. Please note that we cannot guarantee the accuracy of facts or claims in these papers.

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  • Temperature Management and the Perishable Cold Chain
    Published March 2011
    Cold-chain optimization for perishable foods is becoming increasingly important. Every year, more than half of the food produced globally is lost, wasted or discarded as a result of inefficiencies in the human-managed food chain. Intelleflex explains how companies can use RFID technologies to improve quality, shelf-life and revenues via pallet-level monitoring. (7 pages)
  • The Benefits of Using Rigorously Tested Routines from Numerical Libraries
    Published March 2011
    Rob Meyer, the CEO of the Numerical Algorithms Group, discusses areas of RFID research and development involving computationally intensive mathematical and statistical methods, particularly when time to market for new products is a key concern. This white paper provides a framework for understanding how commercially available numerical libraries can provide a powerful tool for managing the challenges of using radio frequency identification technologies. (7 pages)
  • Tips for RFID Smart Label Printing/Encoding
    Published March 2011
    Accurate RFID encoding is critical to every deployment. If a printer-encoder fails to function properly, errors can propagate throughout an entire supply chain. Zebra Technologies offers a set of tips to help end users get more from their smart label printing system, by improving reliability, minimizing operator intervention, reducing wasted labels, preventing encoding and printing errors, and yielding a greater number of usable labels per media roll. (8 pages)
  • High-Memory RFID for Aerospace, Manufacturing, MRO and Remote Asset Management
    Published March 2011
    Xerafy examines high-memory RFID tags, applications that can utilize this type of tagging, and the advantages that can be gained by integrating high-memory tags into such applications as maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) and asset management.
  • Data-Center Management: Searching for the Optimum Solution
    Published February 2011
    No Limits Software's David Cole outlines the technologies currently being used to address rack-level IT asset management, including RFID, and provides criteria to utilize in choosing the best solution to meet your company's specific needs. (15 pages)
  • Securing Edge Devices
    Published February 2011
    These days, most commerce is global, communication and information technologies connect the remotest locations into worldwide networks, and there are ever-increasing means of accessing and manipulating data on the Internet, such as smartphones, PDAs and tablets. These new (and often small) resource-constrained devices can be very difficult to secure, and may not always permit traditional IT security to operate efficiently. Revere Security's Hanns-Christian Hanebeck examines how to secure several types of edge devices, ranging from smart power meters to industrial control systems and RFID tags. (5 pages)
    Tags: Security
  • How to Track Your Oracle Sun System Assets Using RFID
    Published February 2011
    Oracle, in an effort to help customers understand the company's new second-generation RFID tags being shipped on all of its hardware products, explains how RFID technology works, the context for which its tags were developed, the standards to which they adhere and how to leverage these tags to augment an IT asset-management lifecycle. (20 pages)
  • An Introduction to Passive RFID
    Published January 2011
    Zebra Technologies provides an overview of RFID technology, describes current standards and details how RFID can complement existing bar-code technology while enabling new applications in diverse industries. (12 pages)
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