Where Can I Find Gift Note Paper with RFID Embedded in It?


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Ask The ExpertsCategory: QuestionsWhere Can I Find Gift Note Paper with RFID Embedded in It?
Yariv Blumkine asked 2 years ago

My intention is to print the gift note and, while printing, program the RFID tag with the shipping label ID. When the gift box arrives to the box sealer, the RFID tag is read and a shipping label is created and applied. Do you know of a manufacturer of such paper or a complete solution like the one described above?


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Lexmark made a desktop laser printer that could encode RFID transponders in labels. I'm not sure if that company still makes the printer or if it offers paper with an RFID transponder that could be written to, but it would be worth reaching out. Also, Hitachi has its Mu chip, which was designed to be embedded in paper. However, the read range is only a few millimeters, so you might not be able to read it from outside a box. Plus, it uses a proprietary air interface, so anyone trying to read the tag would need a Hitachi reader.


Mark Roberti
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