What RFID Chip Should I Utilize in My Research?


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Ask The ExpertsCategory: QuestionsWhat RFID Chip Should I Utilize in My Research?
shyama asked 3 years ago

I am studying passive UHF RFID sensor tags. Many researchers have used the SL900a tag IC from AMS, but this chip is no longer available in the market. Is there a replacement for the SL900a RFID chip?


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AMS has not been focusing on the RFID market for the past several years. I suggest you consider Farsens' Rocky100 chip  as a suitable replacement. There are other companies as well that produce RFID tag ICs as well.

Mark Roberti
Founder and Editor
RFID Journal


Lionel replied 3 years ago

Hi Shyama,
We have at Asygn a full ICs family dedicated to UHF RFID Sensors applications. I would be pleased to exchange with you about your application and our product. Feel free to contact us, lionel.geynet@asygn.com

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