What High-Frequency RFID Reader Should I Buy?

By RFID Journal

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Ask The ExpertsWhat High-Frequency RFID Reader Should I Buy?
RFID Journal Staff asked 8 years ago

Can I get an HF reader with a range of 10 centimeters?

—Name withheld


There are many HF readers on the market, and that read range would not present a problem. I recommend that you choose a model complying with the ISO 15693 air-interface protocol. Here are some links that you can check out.

GAO RFID All-in-One HF Mid-Range Reader/Writer 233015

IDTronic Embedded RFID Reader HF/NFC Module

Ingenico Healthcare-ID Baracoda orKan RFID-HF

Nethom 13.56 MHz RFID HF Handheld Reader Swing-H

Provident HF-band Handy RFID Reader

Secura Key Contactless Card e*Tag 13.56 MHz Reader-Writers

Technology Solutions UK Ltd. Bluetooth HF RFID and Barcode Wearable Hand Scanner

Tertium Technology BlueBerry HS HF

Xiamen Innov NFC Ear-jack Mobile Portable Reader

Xiamen Xindeco IOT Technology Ltd. HF Handheld Reader

—Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal

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