What Can I Do If I Have Been Implanted with RFID?


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Ask The ExpertsWhat Can I Do If I Have Been Implanted with RFID?
Pax Herbermann asked 1 year ago

I would like to know what the effects are of having RFID devices inside the human body, head and eyes. Also, if they are already inside the body, is there any way to stop others from accessing them, or some way to block them? Thank you for your help.


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While radio frequency identification technology can identify and track objects, its use in monitoring humans has proven cumbersome, and this application of the technology is exceedingly rare. The truth is that implanted RFID chips would not be practical for use in tracking people without their permission. Therefore, I would not recommend worrying about this scenario (see RFID Surveillance Less Threat than Perception).

Rich Handley
Managing Editor
RFID Journal

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