How Is RFID Outpacing Other Practices?


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Ask The ExpertsCategory: QuestionsHow Is RFID Outpacing Other Practices?
Matt Fraanje asked 2 years ago

How does RFID compare to other track-and-trace solutions?


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There really are no other track-and-trace solutions besides RFID. Barcodes and QR codes mainly identify items, not track them. The exception would be package delivery companies, which set up elaborate systems to use barcodes for track-and-trace. Active RFID systems, including Bluetooth beacons, identify and locate items, and are not used for track-and-trace. And overhead camera systems, such as the one deployed by Amazon Go, identify items being purchased; they cannot be used in the supply chain for track-and-trace. A camera can't tell you how many items are in a box or what those items are. The only cost-effective track-and-trace system is RFID, specifically passive UHF RFID. The tags are cheap enough to put on any item that costs more than a few dollars, and they can be tracked from the moment an item is made until the moment it is thrown away or recycled.

—RFID Journal


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