How Can We Sell Our RFID Intellectual Property?


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Ask The ExpertsCategory: QuestionsHow Can We Sell Our RFID Intellectual Property?
Paul asked 3 years ago

Teslonix, an inventor of a novel RFID reader technology, is withdrawing from the market. We are offering for sale our substantial patent portfolio and hardware demonstration systems, and we seek an effective way to identify RFID industry players that might be interested. The portfolio consists of five issued U.S. patents, plus several international patents and applications entered through National Phase from PCT.

The unique features and benefits of our invention come from its ability to wirelessly transfer electromagnetic energy from multiple sources in a tightly coordinated manner (synchronization in terms of frequency, phase and polarization). This produces 10 times' more power, or higher, at the receiving endpoints. In addition, protocol and timing consideration in the application of this invention to RAIN UHF RFID are included as part of the invention being sold.

Although the company has focused and pursued the application of our invention to the RAIN UHF RFID market, the invention is totally frequency- and endpoint-agnostic and could be applied to other commercial wireless charging applications using sensors, batteries or tags as endpoints. For more information, please contact Paul Slaby at


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There are several brokers that could assist you, for a percentage of the sale. But I would encourage RFID Journal's readers who have some interest to contact you directly.

Mark Roberti
Founder and Editor
RFID Journal


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