Have Any RFID Companies Made Systems Specifically for Small Businesses?


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Ask The ExpertsCategory: QuestionsHave Any RFID Companies Made Systems Specifically for Small Businesses?
Don French asked 3 years ago

I need to know which piece of equipment left through our gate each morning, and on which truck, as well as whether that item made it back to the gate in the evening when the vehicle returned. We have our large equipment LoJacked, but I would like our chainsaws, pole saws, clippers and small items that sometimes are left on job sites to be accounted for. Is there an RFID system available for small businesses like mine?


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Silent Partner Technologies offers an RFID Tool Tracker (see Utility Services Company Tracks Construction Tools via RFID), which might meet your needs. The system is being used by the Bonita Springs Fire Control and Rescue District (see Florida Fire and Rescue Supplier Extends Visibility via RFID). Speedy Services also offers an ePod that can be placed on a construction site to check construction tools in and out (see Speedy Services Manages Vibration, Conference Attendance, Equipment Rental via RFID). I believe that the service is now available in the United States.

Charming Trim offers an on-metal tag that is small and might work for tagging your items. MetalCraft, Omni-ID, The Tag Factory and others might also have tags that would work for your particular application. I am unaware of any companies other than the two discussed above that provide a complete solution. If any of our readers do, I encourage them to post details below.

Mark Roberti
Founder and Editor
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Leri replied 3 years ago

Hello! We have such a solution for this, RFID UHF readers and software in several languages. Something like that: https://www.fresh222.com/UserFiles/File/Quick_RFID_nventory_System.pdf

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