Can a Thermocouple Be Connected to an RFID Tag?


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Brian Mcquerrey asked 3 years ago

We work with hot pressing of building boards. I want to be able to collect temperature data from the core of each board as it undergoes hot pressing. Normally, I'd just place a thermocouple in the furnish entering the press. I would have the wire dangling out the side and would follow alongside the sheet as it progressed through the process. However, this is not very safe, as I constantly have to pass the thermocouple and reader through the framework of the machine. Remote sensing of that temperature would make much more sense. Any input would be appreciated.


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There are active and passive RFID temperature sensors that might meet your needs. Active RFID sensors have a battery and are usually quite large, so these might not work for your needs. (I assume the boards are not very thick.) Passive sensors have no battery and can be quite slim. Most are designed to monitor the temperatures of produce and drugs. If exposed to extremely high heat during your manufacturing process, though, they will need to be protected. I suggest you reach out to the following companies:

  • CAEN RFID's qLogTemperature (RT0012) is a low-cost, semi-passive NFC/UHF temperature logger that allows you to monitor temperature-sensitive products like perishable foods and pharmaceuticals during transportation and storage.
  • TempTrip offers a credit-card-size device featuring a button that can be pressed to start or mark temperature measurements at multiple points.
  • Microsensys, a German company, produces a range of passive sensor tags and semi-passive tags.
  • Convergence Systems Ltd., based in Hong Kong, offers its CS8300 Temperature Sensing Tag.

I hope this proves helpful.

Mark Roberti
Founder and Editor
RFID Journal

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